Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday fun

My birthday was yesterday and it was a special day. After church, we went to lunch and then met Myron downtown to pick him up. He joined his scout troop on a "Crop Walk" to fight hunger.
Rhonda and Myron walked three miles. He was very proud of himself. I got to take a Sunday nap, which has been non existent this last month. After the kids were in bed, I was cleaning up and found little heart shaped notes all over the house from Shane. One of the notes said that he was taking today off to take me wherever I wanted, so today we headed to Port Gamble.
It is a beautiful little tourist town with only 60 residents and as you can see by the photos, it is just too picture perfect. We, or I, I should say, browsed through the sweet little antique shops and found a great 1950's hat. We visited the shell museum that I visited as a child and Rylan was enchanted. As small as it is, he kept wanting to go back and forth between the displays over and over. He said to me "mom, can you bring me here whenever I want"? It was too cute.
Another cute comment from Rylan was in the car on our way to Poulsbo. "Mom, if I put this (starfish that we bought) in the water, will it come back to life"? Too fun.
Here is Rylan in front of the cool shark display. I know these displays look pretty sparce and low budget (they are), but they are still cool. I am happy that the new owners have left it still intact.
Here Shane is on main street.
Below is the museum (upstairs) and the general store downstairs.

After our little tourist stop, we headed into Poulsbo to one of my favorite restaurants, Campanas.
It is a family owned Italian rest. that I have been going to since I was 12 years old and still just as yummy. I had the seafood fettuccini and the scallops were cooked to perfection.
After that, I went antiquing while Shane kept the kiddos at the waterfront park. Then I stopped by the fabric shop to buy some great prints for my vintage apron I am making.
It was a great day and I had even greater company. Thanks for all the birthday wishes.
It feels good to be 33.

I am adding a video now that I have this new computer that recognizes the video format on my camera. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The boys are back in town.......da dum da The boys are back in towown.

I wish I could post the song mentioned in the title line in this post. I haven't blogged in days. Things have been fun and busy. My brother Eric was up from San Francisco and he came over on Wednesday night, Sandra (my other mother) came Thursday morning, and my other brother Greg arrived late last night. Sandra took me birthday shopping on Thursday and to lunch at Shima. It was wonderfully fun. We decided to stay on the Island, so I got some real treasures. I found a beautiful 50 ish jacket at Lilies and then found a great hat and some cute shirts at Zia. I never go into these stores to shop because of their high prices, so I felt pretty special. While sitting outside Calico Cat, I was stung by a yellow jacket? Not sure, but today, 2 days later, it is still itching and stinging like crazy. The funny thing is, the silly thing was stuck in my finger. As soon as I felt it, I looked down and it was just sitting there like "what". I tried flicking it, shaking it. Uh uh. It wouldn't budge. Finally the store clerk smacked it off and then squashed it. My finger is twice it's original size. Friday, Sandra had to leave early because of personal reasons and left me to do the rest of my birthday shopping on my own, so I headed to Silverdale last night. It just wasn't as much fun without her, and yet...still okay. ;)
This morning we all got up and headed to Brennans football game. They had their first win!
After that, Myrons soccer game that ironically ended with their first loss. It's good though. Those boys needed a slice of humble pie. Anyhow, that's all for now.
I have some cute videos and more photos to post later, but right now, I just want to spend time with my brothers.
Plus......tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!! 33 years old already. Where did the time go?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Library storytime

Today, I had a lot of computer work since last night was the Haunted House meeting and I had to organize 92 kids into 8 different rooms, etc, and that's just the beginning. I really needed to do something with the kiddos. The library book sale was again today, so after visiting Wilkes to sign up the kids that were MIA last night, we headed over there. We found some great books as usual and then went to lunch at Isla Bonita. After that, I dropped Myron and Rylan off at the church to play soccer while I took Malan to a mommy and me storytime class at the library.
It was quite interesting to see Mae around so many babies younger than her, and strangers at that!
She didn't sit still (I didn't force her) and decided to be in the middle of the circle instead of on my lap. I think she just didn't know what to do with herself without her brothers or brother, pestering her all the time. You really could tell that she was the youngest and the only girl in our family. She's a tough one. I had to stop her twice from trying to hit a little boy. What have I gotten myself into?
After all that excitement, she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.Here are some photos I snapped today. My brother Eric is coming tonight so I have really got to get this house in order. Bye for now.

Model Mae

Here is Mae modeling for my friend Karin's boutique. She will be in their new flyer being sent out this week. I just love this dress. She wore it to church on Sunday. She is "woofing" at a dog in this photo.

Street vendor

Some kids aspire to be doctors, firemen, lawyers, etc. Not my child, oh no. This is what Brennan came up with tonight. He confronted his brothers with his coat full of treasures and offered his goods at reasonable prices. As a mother....I am just so proud.

In other news. We had the 4th grade Haunted House big meeting today. I am the chair for the 3rd time in a row. It went incredibly well and I am really excited to see what everyone comes up with.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just another normal day

Today was a great day. Sundays usually are. We went to church and Mae wore the most adorable dress from Lollipops. I'll post photos later. Karin, the owner is also a fantastic photographer and wanted to take photos of Malan for her sale flyer. I can't wait to see them and post them.
Anyhow, so I worked today after church and the boys hung out around town. Shane had a meeting with our bishop at three so they were around off and on. Mae took a nap in the back dressing room for two hours, which was nice. No one even knew she was there. As usual, I had a blast and met some really great people. I will be there next Sunday on my birthday so if anyone wants to come in and say hi, i'll be around. Lollipops is also having a major sale next weekend. 30% off everything in the store including costumes, so come on in! Hows that for promotion Karin!
Tonight, I am cleaning my room and it's interesting to me that even at 32, it takes me just as much time, if not more, than it did when I was younger. I have to go through everything. It's kind of like a treasure hunt, when I find old photos or cards. Tomorrow, the chaos of the 4th grade Haunted House begins. I am the chair for the 3rd year and it is a circus, which by the way might be the theme this year. Anyhow, all is well in this world.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lazy Saturday? In my dreams!

I had this whole plan for hanging around the house today. Baking, reading to the kids and just enjoying each others company. It was raining pretty good and it just felt like that kind of day.
Problem 1- Shane forgot a meeting he had this morning with a client, looking at some commercial space.
Problem 2- Ran out of dog food and had to exchange Mae's dress for larger size before church tomorrow.
Problem 3-Came home from errand running and Nathan appeared to have a broken arm.

Yes, that's right, a broken arm. Being the absent minded mother that I am, I let it slip my mind that Nathan and Brennan are not to be alone together.....EVER! Apparently Nathan was picking on Brennan and was relentless as usual. Brennan, pushed to the max picked up his metal bat and swung at Nathan to scare him, but nicked his elbow instead.
So, looking at his large purplish softball size bump, we made the decision to head to the ER, our now second home. Nathan and I headed out around 3:30 and we were out of the ER around 5:45pm, so not bad. Not bad at all. As it turned out, he has a small fracture on his growth plate, and they bandaged it with an Ace bandage until he can see his regular doctor next week.
We made the most of it and went to dinner afterwards and shopping at Old Navy for a few small things. It was fun to hang out with him and laugh, even if it meant him getting hurt for us to get this opportunity.
So, we are home, happy and healthy and thinking up an inventive punishment for Nathan and Brennan for fighting. Any ideas?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun day, even if I was stood up!

Well, lets start out with this adorable photo up above. This was this morning right before we left to go meet my friend at the bakery. Mae loves her kitty and the kitty is just oh so tolerant.
My friend never showed, see below, and so we headed to the park without her. Here is my tougher than tough Mr. Rylanator.
Today was the first day that Malan went down a slide all by herself! She climbed all the way up the steps and slid down head first, just like the superhero that she is. Go Wonder Mae!

This is one of Malans "new looks". She sniffs in and out as she makes this face. I admit, it's pretty ferocious.After the park, we went to pick Myron up from school. I tried so hard not to giggle when I saw what he was wearing. Honestly, it just made me love him so much more for being so comfortable with himself. Here he is in his honest to goodness, "cool" pose. He is so proud of how awesome he looks. He's wearing a striped polo,converse, plaid shorts and.....wait for it.......a clip on tie! He even had a cordouroy church jacket with him that I think he wore earlier. That's right Vogue, eat it!

Tonight was Brennan's team photos for football. I decided to take my trusty camera and take the photos myself to save the extra moolah. It was funny to see some of the reactions of the other parents. Half thought it was a great idea, half gave me the "you're weird" look. Oh well, I may be weird but 25 dollars richer tonight! I think they turned out just fine and Brennan didn't act embarrassed at all. I don't know if I can get away with it next year.

Now onto Miss Rockers. I know she reads the blog so I am going to do a little blast on my friend here. She is a brilliant writer, so no doubt she can come up with some grand excuse, but as of yet, I have heard nothing. We missed you loads today missy and hope all is well. Let me know if and when you want to reschedule.


Falling for Bainbridge Island

  • Story Highlights
  • The ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge Island takes about 35 minutes
  • Winslow, the downtown shopping district, is a five-minute walk from the ferry terminal
  • Bloedel Reserve offers 150-acres of trees, wildlife, ponds and gardens
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By Andrea Downing Peck
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Coastal Living

(Coastal Living) -- Imagine yourself on a ferryboat deck with a latte in one hand, your overnight bag at your feet, and the dazzling Seattle, Washington, skyline filling the horizon behind you. While the boat churns across Elliott Bay, the Space Needle disappears from view and a shoreline materializes in the distance.

Bainbridge Island is about 35 minutes from Seattle by ferry.

Bainbridge Island is about 35 minutes from Seattle by ferry.

You're bound for Bainbridge Island -- an antidote to Seattle's big-city bustle and an introduction to Puget Sound island life. Here's how to make the most of a 30-hour visit.

9:35 a.m. Skip the commuter rush and take a midmorning ferry from Seattle. The 35-minute ride stops near Winslow, the downtown shopping district, a five-minute walk from the ferry terminal. Have a look around; you'll get the chance to shop tomorrow. Drop your bags at your hotel (see our recommendations under "10 p.m."). Now, it's time to explore. Although Bainbridge isn't large, you'll need a car, taxi or bike to reach many areas.

10:30 a.m. In Winslow, you'll find a coffeehouse on every block. Pegasus Coffee House and Gallery serves beverages made from locally roasted beans in a vine-covered waterfront building, while Andante Coffee and Bainbridge Bakers attract loyal followings. Enjoy a cup of joe, then grab some take-out stir-fry from Teriyaki Town or a sandwich from Real Foods Market and Cafe.

12 p.m. Spend your afternoon discovering the island's beauty in pristine woods, state parks and the waterfront. Once a private estate owned by a timber magnate, Bloedel Reserve is now a 150-acre sanctuary of trees, wildlife, ponds and gardens. Open by appointment, the park's paths meander past majestic Douglas firs, hemlocks and cedars. Elsewhere on the island, try IslandWood, a 255-acre outdoor learning center, which offers three-hour walking tours of its breathtaking property.

If you still have time, take a boat tour. Back of Beyond Explorations and Exotic Aquatics Scuba & Kayaking both rent kayaks. Prefer pedaling to paddling? Rent a bike from Classic Cycle, which operates from the barn near the ferry terminal in the summer. Or explore by car. The coastal route along the island's south end borders stop-and-stare views and the chance to watch the Bremerton-Seattle ferry travel through Rich Passage.

Don't Miss

6 p.m. When it's time for dinner, choose from one of Bainbridge's fine-dining restaurants: Edna's Beach Café, Madoka Pan-Pacific Restaurant, Café Nola and The Four Swallows. Doc's Marina Grill, along the waterfront, serves some of the best fish-and-chips on Puget Sound. Sawatdy Thai Cuisine's dishes stand out despite its location next to a gas station.

7:30 p.m. While several restaurants offer live music, The Harbour Public House and The Living Room, a wine bar, are the island's best adults-only venues. On the first Saturday of each month, The Edge improv troupe grabs the local playhouse stage. Or catch independent films at The Historic Lynwood Theatre, a 1936 movie house on the island's south end. If you haven't already eaten, make a pre-showtime stop at nearby Treehouse Café for the island's best thin-crust pizza.

10 p.m. There's more to see and do tomorrow, so head back to your hotel for some shut-eye: The Eagle Harbor Inn wins praise as Winslow's premier accommodations, with four well-appointed rooms and three luxurious townhomes. Island Country Inn provides traditional motel amenities, and more than a dozen B&Bs and rental homes dot the island. Two of the most exquisite: Waterfall Gardens, a 5-acre retreat with spring-fed ponds, waterfalls and gardens, and Skiff Point Guest House, with a 180-degree view of Puget Sound.

9 a.m. Wake up with traditional morning fare at Richie's 305 Diner or Streamliner Diner. For a lighter option, try Blackbird Bakery. You won't find toast on the bakery's chalkboard menu, but order it anyway. When the thick-cut wheat slices and jam arrive at your table, you'll be glad you did.

10 a.m. There's still time to explore Winslow's compact commercial district, which offers everything from a top-notch travel store to a distinctive candle shop. At Eagle Harbor Book Co., browse titles by some of the island's almost 200 published authors, such as David Guterson, who penned "Snow Falling on Cedars." A few doors down, Bainbridge Arts & Crafts represents hundreds of regional artists. Clothes shopping is an upscale affair -- the numerous boutiques include Adam & Eve Clothing Company, which carries more than 100 styles of jeans. When you've had your fill of browsing, get a bite to eat. Then indulge your sweet tooth at either Mora Iced Creamery or Bon Bon Confections.

1 p.m. Before the sun sets on your visit, stop at the Bainbridge Island Historical Society & Museum to uncover a history tied to shipbuilding, strawberry farming, and Japanese internment during World War II. Or stroll the boardwalk that leads from Eagle Harbor to the ferry terminal.

2:55 p.m. Board the ferry, and depart Bainbridge relaxed. Now that you've had a glimpse of island life, Puget style, we know you'll be back.

Bainbridge: Why go now?

Think Puget Sound and you think green. But from late September through October, maple, native alder and white birch trees splash a rainbow of colors onto the island's evergreen canvas. No matter when you come, expect some rain.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Poulsbo Marine Science Center

Today my close friends and I took our kiddos to the Poulsbo Marine Science Center. I remember being in middle school and visiting this center at it's old location. The kids were amazed and had a great time. I will definitely take the kids back. After the center, we stopped in at Sluys bakery for some pizza bread and a doughnut and then proceeded to Lions park. It was overcast, but nice and tepid weather.

Nora and Mae. They just love each other. Nora calls Mae, Mae Mae. They followed each other around the entire place.

Rylan was very intrigued by the octupus and was able to touch the starfish and anemones in the tanks.

They have an area where you can watch movies about the ocean life surrounding our area.

Chantal and I took the kids to the park. Above is a photo of Rylan, Angelina, Andre and Mae enjoying the "spinny thingy".

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy busy busy B's

I adore the photo above. It was taken this morning on our way to get waffles at The Blue Ocean Cafe. I didn't even notice her shadow. We heard that the cafe was giving free Belgium waffles every day from 8-10am, so we hopped in the car and went for breakfast. It wasn't a very kid friendly place, but the waffles were good. I mean, they were free! They could taste like cardboard and I'd still enjoy them at that price. I felt like a mooch asking for the free waffles and the employees didn't make me feel any better. I don't think i'll go back for free waffles, but it was a nice change from our normal routine. After that I popped into Lollipops to kill time before the kids movement class. I ended up walking out with a beautiful french dress for Mae for around 96.00 minus my 30% discount. I am going to be working the rest of my life to pay off Mae's wardrobe from Lollipops. Karen, you know this! That's why you have me work there.
After that, we went to a new movement class that my friend Chantal has started. It was a lot of fun and good exercise for the mommies. Rylan wasn't diggin being the only boy in the class so he basically "poo pooed" the whole event and wouldn't do anything. Mae found a baby and kept wanting to hold her. Problem is, baby Hannah is the same size as Mae. See video below.
I am home for the kids nap and then off to a 4th grade Haunted House meeting at 3, Woodward parent night at 6 and then pickup kids from football at 7:30. Yawn, i'd better get napping too!

We had a most beautiful sunset last night. I had to pull over and take these photos so you can get the gist.
This is how Nathan cleans his room, or doesn't for that matter.

One of my favorite people, Alicia W, Nathan's best friends mama. She is an amazing woman and we have adopted their family into ours. We were at their house last night so that Shane could check out a project they want to get started on.

Mae in their front yard. She's not in the dirt.....yet.