Thursday, December 18, 2014

December thus far

We have been busy crafting and decorating around here!
This has been good for a couple of reasons, 1. The house needed it..
2. it's been a good way for me to grieve. i'll post on that a little later on in the month..
 I have been making cornstarch and baking soda ornaments like crazy. I love being able to draw designs on each one. The kids and I made over 50 salt dough heart ornaments for our tree.
Mae said, its fitting because our family is all about the love. She's right. :)
 We got a van....a beautiful Honda Odyssey.
 Ive been on Pinterest a LOT. Like A lot A lot...

 I was so sick of seeing all those creepy Elf on the Shelf posts, but love the idea, SO....I made ten little elves. Tiny little wooden ones that are cute and not creepy. Boy and girl elves. I'll post photos of them later. Right now, they are hiding all around the house. The kids have to find them every day. If one is missing, thats a present gone....i'd like to be able to report that this has kept them very well behaved but, I think you know better than that.

 I tried my hand at wreath making for the first time ever. These branches were prickly and hurt!

 Josh hung lights up and made it look so beautiful from the outside.
 Some Kellen cuteness....

Thats it for now.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mae- soccer star and laundry queen

Mae started soccer today. She's not too sure if she likes it yet. I am the assistant coach, so shes kinda stuck. It works out perfect because i can get my run in before practice and then practice for an hour with the team. great workout.....great break for mama

Tonight, Mae BEGGED me to fold the lauindry. She is seriously just like her mama. I LOVE doing laundry.....

Grub Hut and mini outings

I LOOOOVE that Mae and Rylan go to school just three blocks away from our house. Rylan rides his bike and i walk Mae.

 Josh and I took the boys to Grub Hut last night and it was Brennans first time. Its our favorite place, and now his too..
 Myron explaining why Nathan should have ordered the "Hangover "burger instead of the regular burger. Jalepenos, chipotle sauce, fried onions......yum
 Rylan and his best pals that all live within two blocks of our house. love these sweet boys.
 Rylan and I love to go to the Suquamish museum. he really loves history and the native traditions.

 Mae and her best friend, Lily, walking home from school.

 these photos are out of  order.....Brennan (above) taking his first bite of the best burger he will ever have.

Myron is having a fun senior year. spirit week was awesome. Pam needs to send me the photos of him in his big diaper.....:)
 Myron also attended our stake Sadie Hawkins dance . Such a handsome boy that one.

Tomorrow, Mae starts soccer and she is so excited. I just started running/walking/trotting again and it feels soo good to hit that pavement. Kellen loves it too. Life is moving at a fast pace and I can hardly keep up, but I wouldnt have it any other way. xo

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Grandma Hardys blessing gown

 My grandmother hardy was a gifted seamstress. She made wedding dresses, prom dresses, amazing quilts that she would handpaint on, and blessing gowns. This was mine. My sisters wore it, my children, and now following suit, our little Kellen. She would have been so happy....

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back to School 2014

Our first date night after Kellen was born... 

I have reluctantly allowed Myron and Brennan to live with our good family friends, The Rehders. I have known this family since I was a little girl in Alaska. This allows the boys to focus, remain in their school district, and have their own space. I know its the right thing and the best thing for them, but, my heart hurts...
Lucky for them, there is a pool, a hot tub, and a beautiful park near by. Can I move in too??? of Kellens many expressions. Love him

 Myron, Liam and his best friend Josh Rentz, participated in our churchs youth program "The Hunger Games" and had a blast. Myron ate some disgusting items...and they really "survived!"
 My childhood, best friend, Vi turned 38 , so we had a mini reunion. Love these girls.
 Rylan and Mae actually stood NEXT to each other AND let me photograph them too!
Pigs fly?! Rylan LOVES his new school.
 Nathan got a job working at Hammys, a new burger restaurant on the south side of the Island. He bikes back and forth (10 miles each way), every day and he loves it. He is a cook. He, of course, is still making amazing music.
 Shane just had his 39th birthday, so I cooked his favorite meal and we had a nice time.
 Kellen just turned 7 weeks old!
 This is how I spent my Saturday...doing Myron and Brennans laundry. They come home on the weekends. Lucky me....
 Two of my handsome boys

Thursday, August 21, 2014


 We don't do much during the days, the kids and i. We are so in love with little Kellen and trying to soak in the last of our summer days before school starts and everyone is scattered here and there.
Nathan works at a restaurant as a cook so we only see him at night and in the mornings, and Myron practically lives at his best friends house, and is busy with activities. Brennan, Rylan, Mae, and Kellen, are my buddies, although Rylan is gone all day playing with his best friend and our neighbor.
We are loving living in Suquamish and take advantage of the closeness of the beach, Bella Luna, and the parks. We were able to go to Chief Seattle days which was really neat for Mae...
When Josh gets home, he goes immediately to Kellen. He is such the proud daddy.
 Mama Raven (Joshs mom) lives just 5 blocks away, which is SOOO awesome. She has adopted the kids as her own grandkids so, they all get lots of love.
 Kellen makes the funniest faces and Myron and I have been addicted to creating our own Memes.
 Brennan is the chief baby holder. Whenever he fusses, Brennan immediately picks him up. I'm in trouble, this I know!

 I am feeling good and ready to start running again. Ive been super sleepy which is silly considering Kellen only wakes up a couple of times at night to eat and then falls right back asleep.

School starts soon and we are all so excited for fall. It's our favorite time of year...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Kellen William Machante Fisher

 Kellen came into our lives July 19th at 3:40 am just 2 short hours after I arrived at the hospital.
I had planned a home, water birth but, after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my 8th month, it wasn't an option anymore. I was devastated but, reminded myself that the end result would be the same, a sweet, healthy baby. The last trimester was spent being shuffled around from doctor to doctor because I was high risk. The cord was wrapped around his neck, they feared he would be too big to deliver because of my weight gain, I tested positive for group B strep, and so on.  Because I tested positive for group b strep, I was advised to get into the hospital as soon as I could, so that they could administer the antibiotics immediately to prevent Kellen from getting the virus. This meant that I ended up going in a couple of times before I was REALLY in labor. Ugh. The day I went into labor, I went in with contractions and was sent home at a 3.5...I was frustrated and tired and thought he'd never come. In the back of my mind, I was scared that they were right, I was having a giant baby and a C section was imminent.
 At midnight, my contractions were getting painful again. Josh was worried about missing work, so I was a yo yo of emotions. Do I go in? Do I stay home...will they go away? Will I get to the hospital in time? Luckily my body showed me that I was dilating (bloody show) and we rushed to the hospital.
 When we arrived, I was informed by the nurse that I was a 3. I couldn't believe it. I used the restroom and my water broke. Woo hoo I thought. I got into the bed and the contractions came hard, with no break in between. 15 minutes later, I was a 5. I knew I was in transition, I was vomiting and shaking uncontrollably. I felt pressure. They checked me again. I was at a 7, the nurse asked for a 2nd and third opinion from the other nurses, 7 and then an 8. I thought, I can DO THIS! Josh was an amazing coach.
So supportive. So i DID this for another 20 minutes, I felt pressure, the Dr. on call came in....bless her heart, she checked me and said I was at a 3.......WHAT?!?!?!?! The nurses all looked at each other.
Josh and I panicked. If I was at a 3 and the contractions were THIS bad....I was done for! I lost it....
I begged for the epidural. The epidural was administered but guess what.....the anesthesiologist did not do it right....NEW MACHINES. Luckily he didn't because.....guess who made his appearance just 20 minutes later after 3 pushes.......
This guy.....

 Obviously the Dr. was wrong. Im in the process of writing a scathing letter to this Dr. by the way.
And guess giant baby. No cord around his neck....
Welcome Kellen William Machante Fisher to the world....
7lbs 8 oz....20 inches long....beautiful, healthy, wonderful.

 We are in love.....simply, utterly, in love. We cannot get enough of him. He is so sweet. What a lucky baby.