Monday, June 25, 2012

We traveled to Bellingham this past weekend to see my new niece and to celebrate Mae's 5th birthday with her aunts and uncles. It was a wonderful weekend. I'll let the photos tell the story.
Mae, what a blessing you have been in our lives. You (draws heart in the air) complete me....

Friday, June 22, 2012


We are all diggin mamas new Iphone. It's pretty rad.

When we are bored....we just find a fun app. Such as........

Monday, June 18, 2012

Alice Julia Wiedenman

I am typing this through happy tears right now. My little brother Eric and his wife Maddie just had a beautiful baby girl, one hour ago. Alice. She weighed 7lbs 2 oz and is my FIRST niece!!!
Up until an hour ago, I always thought she would be a boy. I even bought boy clothes.
An hour ago, as I lie in my bed, i had this overwhelming feeling that it was a girl and that my mom was with her. Little did I know, that that was the exact time my little Alice was coming into this world.
What a beautiful blessing for our family. I just have this one photo that my brother sent me.
We are heading up on Saturday to spend the night and meet our little niece/cousin.
Mae is so excited that they share the same middle name (our mothers name) and that their birthdays are just 6 days apart. We will celebrate the birth of Alice and the birth of Mae the same weekend as a family.

UPDATE- new photos

First (below) little brother and his new daughter

Second, one of our baby sisters, Tara, holding little Alice. Such a blessing that three of my siblings
all live in Bellingham, just a couple of hours away. Funny considering, we never had family in Bellingham growing up, grew up on Bainbridge, moved to Idaho after my mother left, and yet all four of my younger siblings ended up there (Haley moved back to Boise, last year).
I thought I was a big cry baby until I called my youngest sister (19) Haley. We were crying together. I just kept thinking about how mom would have called us all crybabys. We truly do cry at everything.
Blessed be~~

Our pets don't stand a chance!

I'm gonna kiss him, and hug him, and rub him and love him and call him....George........

Sunday, June 17, 2012


It's been crazy lately. I am working full time and up for a marketing position at my work.
This past week, I went to Seattle twice. Once to take Nathan to our friend Ethan's show at the Triple door (and then karaoke at The Crocodile cafe) and then again to see a concert at the Showbox.
Nathan was asked by my friend to play drums in her band. He is over the moon excited so stay tuned for show times/dates/locations. They will be touring this summer.
On Thursday, before the concert, my friends and I stopped at this little cafe called "The Bookstore." As it turned out....the host from "Dirty Jobs" , Mike Rowe was at the same place (see photo). is good, crazy, fun....etc. My little brothers wife is in labor as I type this and I will soon be an auntie. I can't wait! Ciao for now!