Monday, January 26, 2015

6 months....seriously?

He's on the mend.....still coughing but, happy....this little man is just so amazing.....

I know....modesty.....BUT....look at his sweet hand on my wrist!!!

Sickness.....whooping cough....pneumonia

Myron brought home a present at Christmas time from his wrestling team...SICKNESS....
As we were driving to Montana, a fellow wrestling mama sent me an email stating that whooping cough had been confirmed in 5 fellow wrestlers. I promptly called his dr. and had a zpack prescribed. Unfortunately, the pharmacy closed before Shane got off work didnt get prescribed asap like it should have. I came home to a very sick Myron (not whooping cough) who then passed his lovely sickness onto more of our family. As soon as Myron was prescribed, Kitsap County Health Dept. got a hold of us and demanded that we all but put on antibiotics and to take Kellen into urgent care right away. Unfortunately....., Kellen got very very sick. Hospital sick.
He's home but, what a scare and now Shane is in the hospital......
People......VACCINATE your children!!!!  I dont want to hear about how vaccines cause autism and all the additives in you want to be responsible for a childs death? Did you know that Bainbridge Island has the largest out break in Kitsap County! Washington is listed as one of the largest outbreak states?? Oy! Vent over.....

Yes thats an IV!!! And yes....that is my closest friend and Kellens godmother, with him. I seriously could not be next to him when they put the IV in.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


These photos are out of order….again
These are wings of an owl. My sweetheart belongs to the Native American Church and we use feathers for our fans, which we then pray with. The entire way home from Montana, Josh was on the lookout for feathers. We made several out of the way turns to go back and get said feathers…but thats another story. He had thought these were hawk feathers but, after showing them to an elder we learned they were owl. BUT……..
 He DID find these red tail HAWK feathers and was over the moon excited. It was like Christmas!
 This is him going to retrieve the tail feathers and lay tobacco down for the birds life. (like a prayer)
 Since we are going BACK in time with this post…here is another cute place we stopped on our way home.
 If ONLY this photo was more in focus….look at our jolly little elf!
 Oh Montana….

 REAL jerky….we chose buffalo but have deer in our freezer that I plan on making jerky out of.

I couldn't stop taking photos of all the beautiful barns in Montana

 It snowed SO much after we arrived. The most its snowed in 15 years!

 We stayed at Joshs dads most of the time, outside Kalispell, but were able to drive four hours as a family, to see his grandma and aunt dorie that live in Big Sandy on a 4000+ acre farm that his family owns...

 It was here….atop the infamous "Antelope Peak", on his families farm, that he asked me to marry him.

 Joshs family is Chechslavakian (spelling?) and his dad showed us all how to make Haluski, a family dish. Here is Mae helping make the little dumplings.

Great Grandma with GUNS

 Joshs brother, below. He looks so much like Josh that Kellen was very happy to go to him.
 Joshs dads house was so beautiful...

It was a wonderful trip and we have decided to move to Montana in April. :)….stay tuned