Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rainy days

Video games that the kids kick my butt at....(yeah thats peanut butter on a spoon that Mae is eating)
In the meantime....Nathan is at his friend Zachs cooking up an extreme hamburger challenge.
As soon as they finish editing the video, I will share.
Seriously?? Heart Attack! I just spoke with him 10 minutes ago and they are 75% of the way through the burger and not feeling well....

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Well....we pulled it off. Another successful Christmas. We didn't spend near what we normally do, and I'd say it was one of the best holidays we have ever had.
All my boys wanted this year were clothes, shoes, cologne...etc. They were happy boys today.
Nathan is fun to shop before. I always know that the most outrageous, ugly, article of clothing, he will adore, hence the hat in the below photo. We bought him a mic stand that he can fit his Itouch into and sing his heart out. I ended up playing with it the most.
All the boys got cell phones. Definitely a favorite present as well.
Rylan almost singing. As soon as I whipped out the camera, he ran away.
Movie night tonight in Myron and Rylans room.

Rylan really really REALLY wanted a BB gun. We normally have a 12 year old age limit to bear arms. Rylan is the exception. Having grown up with 3 big brothers, he is very well educated on gun safety.
ALL Mae wanted was this stupid little white/walking/barking dog. You may remember if you have ever read this blog, that I detest pink,plasticky,cheap, toys. She really really REALLY wanted this dog. I do have to say that.....she adores it. I can't imagine how she would react if it wasn't under the tree this morning.
And so.....the kids are in bed now and daddy and I are going to watch a movie and relax. Happy Holidays to you!

Christmas Eve 2011

Well.....Santa has finally's nearly 2:30 am and I imagine that I will get about 4 hours of sleep at best. Usually, we go to Mass at the Catholic church. This is a tradition in our family because my father grew up Catholic, although he converted to Mormonism when I was 8 years old. We were invited to New Life. It's a Christian religion that takes place at the Movie Theater.
Our dear friends son did a reading, so we were invited to attend. They have a live band that is AMAZING. Even still, my children "poo pooed" it. Myron especially. He is my little missionary. Even as I am going through yet another state of questioning of my church, he stays strong.
Nathan said as we were leaving "it was a bit much." One of many things I love about the Mormon religion is the modesty of it all. We are humbled and don't need all those bells and whistles. Mae kept asking " can we have popcorn?". This church is neat and modern, but I didn't like how the kids were expected to be separated . Of course my children wanted to remain with us. It was unusual, but fun. I never felt the spirit there. That really hit me. I ALWAYS feel the spirit at our church. ALWAYS. I feel a little abandoned by my church friends. Can I come back?
Who knows. It's not about "them". Its about me, but....I still feel left out. That's another story.
We are excited for Christmas tomorrow. The kids aren't getting what they normally get. I feel okay and appreciative of this. Life is....well....LIFE. It's not always perfect. Things happen. Daddys lose is messy. But....we will always be there for each other. We will continue to love each other.....that. is. all.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Rylan!

Rylan turned 8 years old today! We had been celebrating a couple of days early, so today was a nice end to all the pre birthday/birthday events. Well, until his party in a couple of weeks. Sheesh!
He really really REALLY wanted a GameCube so he could play his all time favorite game Mario Sunshine. Love those games.
He also really really R E A L L Y wanted a new bed set. Done. Mae wanted to give him a present too..... (see PEN drawing next to his bed on the wall) DOH!
This was the year that he finally got into Erector sets like his pops did growing up.
They spent hours today putting all sorts of things together. He's going to love Christmas. Wink.
Look at those cheeks. Of course he'd want an Oreo Ice Cream cake. That's my little sweet tooth.
I was going to write his birth story...but, I think I might have done that before and it's a loong one. Rylan is the most compassionate, sweet, loving little guy I know. Next month, he will be baptized and finally in Cub Scouts!
Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Girls Day!

One of my dearest childhood friends, Gina has two beautiful, spunky, awesome daughters.
Malia and Esme. I have grown quite close to them and when Gina let me know that she would be working a lot this week and not around during the days, I jumped on the opportunity to get some time with them. Today we decided to hit the mall. Originally, we were supposed to go to Seattle, but, we will save that for after Christmas.
Malia wanted to get her one ear re pierced and was on a limited budget, so to Wallyworld we went. Mae has been dying to get hers pierced too, so we decided today was the day as well.
I still don't like them, but, I am hoping they will grow on me.

After that and a fun lunch at Los Cabos, we headed to the mall to see Santa and do some shopping.
The line was incredibly long, but Mae wouldn't budge. When she finally got to sit on Santas lap, she explained to Santa how very irritating her big brother, Rylan, had been lately.
She got a huge laugh out of everyone. Silly girl.
It was a fun day. I sure love those girls.

Ps- Brooke, it's amazing how much they talked about your family! In a good way. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nathan aka survivalist....

I adore my Nathan. He is unique, well spoken, kind and honest.
Lately, he's been going through some hard times. Kids saying he is doing things he isn't doing.
I remember going through the same thing at his age. Sometimes the kids you hang out with aren't the best kids, but they are kids that accept you for who you are. I love that he is willing to be himself, no matter who judges. He knows exactly who he is. Popularity is not important to him. If anything, he looks down on those that try to fit in . He is not a follower....he is true to who he is.
I am such the proud mama. I found this video tonight that he and his brother made this past summer in our back yard. This will give you just a little insight into the creative, amazing boy he really is.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Party....

Last night was Summers annual Christmas party. I am very blessed to have so many close friends. I say that, but come next week the total Christmas party tally will be up to 12 and I am going to be a little grumpy by then. Everyone is having Christmas parties this year!
The girls, Summer, Gina, Jen, me and Elise. We are missing the other 5 girls in this photo.
Nate and Elise
Todd and Gina
Me and Summer....aren't we festive??

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We finally got our tree today and started decorating the house. Christmas has come up so quickly. I can't believe it!
Last night we went downtown to the first Friday art walk. The carolers were out. It was very festive.
Summer and I went to the BPA Christmas show. It was wonderful!!
After the show there was a great dance party!
We are all nestled in tonight watching Christmas movies. Tis the season!