Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mae Mae

Mae turned 2 today. It's hard to believe she is ONLY two! She seems beyond her years already.
The kids couldn't wait for her to wake up this morning, so they all jumped in my bed to try to coax her to wake up. Finally at about 7:30 am.....she gave in and came out into the livingroom. We always decorate the night before so the kids can wake up to their surprise. Mae was shaking, yes shaking in excitement. She kept saying " Oh, I looove it". She sat on the couch and everyone showered with her with her gifts. Giving a girl presents is so much fun. She got so excited and happy. It may just have been the fact that she could rip open something, make a mess and not get in trouble for it.
We hung out at home, today and Mae and I took a long nap. One of her presents was a vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy book about lost toys. I realized as we read it, that I had owned it as a child, so it was truly a gift for us both.
Tonight Brennan had an All Star baseball scrimmage game in preparation for their big county tournament this weekend. The wind was a blowin, but it was a great night.
I made Mae's birthday cake again this year, but used fondant for the first time. It turned out OK. I am proud of it for being my first attempt. After Brennan's game, we came home and sang her Happy Birthday and let her blow the candles out.
Out of all of her presents, she loves the wooden fold up dollhouse with furniture that I scored off of Island moms for 15.00. Awesome!
Here are some photos from today. I finally found my upload cord.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The best father in the world

Thank you to my husband for the most beautiful, talented and loving kids a mom could hope for.
More thanks for being a patient, loving, fun dad. I am so thankful to have such an amazing father for my children.
Happy Fathers Day my love.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

For you, my daughter

I never expected to ever be writing something to or about my daughter. I want to pinch myself every day when I come to my daily realization that she is here and mine. Mae turns 2 in just 7 days. Every day that I have with her is a dream come true. I just knew she was there, up there, waiting to come to me. Mae is me 10o times magnified. She may look just like her father, but she is me all the way. Mae....I simply.......adore you.
Mae sings songs all day, all night. She makes up songs and words and is such an imaginative girl.
Fearless, beautiful, smart, kind........the list goes on and on. Mae......I am so blessed to be your mom. I waited so long and my were So worth the wait.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Life is crazy as usual. Brennan was accepted into " All Stars". The best in the league were picked to participate in a team that will compete on a District/state/national/ international competition.
We are really excited for him. He has such a passion for baseball, that it is just a pleasure to watch him. Many of his coaches have confided in me that he is going to go far. I am such the proud mama watching him play and encourage his fellow team mates. No matter what, this kid has fun. As for the rest of the brood, they all have the summer off, kind of. I am excited for the opportunities that we will have to camp. Camping is our favorite pastime as a family, a way to really reconnect. We are our best selves when we are camping. For fathers day, I bought (yes, all by myself) an 8 man tent. It should arrive soon. We will spend many weekends camping, of this I am sure. Nothing is better than getting away from the "norm" and getting down to the reality of life. I invite all of you to join us. You will never see a better side of our little family. To camp with us, is to bond in a way that is never possible in "real life".
xoxo- Katie

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baseball is O-V-E-R!!

I do say this with a little hesitation because Brennan may be accepted as an All Star and play in that league this summer and Myron will be playing for an outside team "The Brewers". For now it is over and it is nice to be able to watch our friends games without being nervous. Today was a special day as a dear friend took out her endowments finally. She had been ready for years and years, but wanted to wait for her husband to join the church. I am so glad that she finally decided to do it. A bunch of us went together and it was truly a special experience once we got there. The ride TO the temple was an experience as well. Thank you M for the "nuts" blunder and for breaking my spirit bubble. POP! Speaking of spirit bubble. Rylan stated to me yesterday that I am lying about him having a "spirit bubble". I tried to explain that it is a metaphor, but he wouldn't hear it. He said to me "mom, if I have a spirit bubble, then why can't I hear it pop?" It was too cute. Back to the temple.....Inside was fun as well, although I actually dozed off during the session. It's happened, the appeal is wearing off! To my credit though, I have gone 3 times this past month. It was a great experience and it was so special to see my dear friend so happy.
Tonight we went to support the other baseball teams and hung out to watch J and L play their game. I always love my time with Brooke my new guru and of course Nonny and Nora.
I am posting photos from yesterday. It was a lovely day and we heard tale that a 1 month old donkey was available for a photo op and maybe even a pat or two. We headed straight down. B, we should take the girls on our "beach,garden,picnic day". Anywhoo....Mae was adorable and it was great fun.

Yes, she tried to climb the rail to get in with the donkeys.

The mormon 4 for now. D, C, H and R. With all the new families moving into the ward, we'll see how big this group gets. Too cute.
Brennan had a great last game. He scored a triple. I am pretty sure it would have been a home run if we were at the Rotary fields. At the Hidden Cove fields, there are no fences. It was amazing. Just minutes before, he had stormed up to me, upset that I had bribed him with 30 minutes computer time for every base after 1st. He had struck out after I said that. He was upset with me for throwing off his mojo by bribing him. Minutes later he was up to bat and hit a triple. I wish I would have gotten a photo of his face and finger pointing at me after he arrived at 3rd base. It was priceless.
Great season, great games. Parents were fun, mostly tipsy a lot, but loads of fun.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blogging vs. keeping a journal

I have avidly kept a journal since I was able to write. This is something that my mother instilled in me as a child. It was something I did up until the blogging world swept me up. I used to paint, write poems etc in those pages and it is great fun to go back and read them. Now, technology has taken over and I have taken the easier route. I always felt the guilt if I hadn't written in a while. Guilt for a busy week and the knowledge that getting behind would mean a lot of writing to catch up.
I devised a way to catch myself up. Code words. the next paragraph, will be words that I will understand later on, and words that you may not. Words that will remind me of what happened this past weekend, that may be too painful to go into or too lengthy to write about. Here's to symbolization and a quick way for me to "get it all out". You may just wish to browse the pictures and move on. I may too!

Bazaar, Greg, Kelly and Tara coming from Bellingham, Dad meeting us at the beach with Haley fresh from the ferry and building a fire at Fay Bainbridge to wait for the Bellingham brood. Myron missing his last practice on Friday and Nathan missing his game. Waking up early, early for me. 7am. Chaos Friday morning organizing and reorganizing artists because layout was left at home. No time with sisters. Saturday. Baseball games. Rylans last game missed. Dad goes to Rylans game. Didn't see sisters. Myrons shows up in tears. Coach wouldn't let him play. Couldn't even sit in the dugout. Overwhelmed, what to do. Bazaar goes well. Crazy, but well. Concert amiss. No one shows. Embarrassment, but it was fine. Musicians are okay, but not sure about one. Clean up but where were siblings? No offer to help. Saturday night, Gregs birthday. Sisters again don't sleep at my house. No time spent. Sunday, mess. Get on ferry with kids and Shane to attend Mariners game.
I wasn't going to go the previous night because we were minus a ticket. Death stare from dad.
Get on ferry anyways. Dad comments on concert flop and demeans me in such a way that I rush to the first private bathroom stall with Mae in tow to let the tears flow. No one could ever hurt me like my dad. Revalation. Walk to dad sitting with brother, girlfriend and sisters. Look him straight in the eyes, tears flowing and let him know that he is the meanest person I have ever met. That I can have no more relationship with him. As soon as I get off the ferry I board again.
Shane tells dad off. Shane and kids get on the next ferry to follow me back. Such love and protection from this family. All my own. Migraine. Good friend picks up family and brings them home. No goodbye. Dad leaves the next day. Remorse. Was I right or wrong? Right but it feels wrong. Sorry Haley. Again I am tagged "dramatic Kathryn". Wont let anyone treat me this way, so why my dad? Raw. Feelings on the surface. I could cry at the drop of a hat all day. Monday.
They have left. I feel empty. There it is...........they are gone. No apology. Brennan has game. They win! Talk to Myrons coach and wife, feel better. Mistake was made. Lesson learned. Spend day with Nonny and kids. Feel better. Angel reading next month. Tuesday. Nathan playoff, loss. Brennan playoff. Loss. Brennan hits triple. Yay. Myron, not doing well in school. Nathan either. hold them back? Will they hate me. In the long run, they will thank me. What to do? Temple trip tomorrow. Good friend. Be positive!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bazaar photos

Go to the blog for more pics!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bazaar time!

In just 10 hours (depending when you are reading this) the bazaar begins. Surprisingly I am feeling calm and at peace about it. All this hard work will finally pay off. I can't wait to meet all these artists. Especially my favorite band that is playing Saturday night. I am completely starstruck by all the talent that will be surrounding me in the next two days. Make sure you stop by!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is a blog boring without photos?

I could write in here every night if it wasn't for a lack of photos. My new camera pooped out on me weeks ago and my old cameras battery charger is missing in action. That leaves the camcorder that takes photos, but not quality photos. That and the fact that my bazaar is in just a few days, leaves me nothing to document. Text it is. I hope you find my words as fun as the photos that are missing. Tonight was the first day of playoffs and Brennans AAA team was up against the Pirates.
It was an intense game that left my tummy in knots. We lost 13-12. I'd do a play by play, but I am really trying to console myself still. I get so into the kids baseball games, especially playoffs. It's not like they are scoring a million dollar contract, so why do I get so crazy? Anyhow, Nonny and I have been painting signs when we can and everything else seems to be falling into place for the bazaar. The only hiccup was last week when the school that rents the church as well realized that they couldn't hold their 5th grade play because our bazaar was scheduled. Somehow it worked out and I really hope that everything else will as well. I am so involved with this and baseball playoffs that I had to be reminded tonight that a book release party in which my poetry is published is being released on Wednesday. I feel embarrassed by the attention and don't feel super confident about what I wrote since it has been so long, but I have been coaxed into attending. We'll see if I show up. It is the same night as Myrons first playoff game, so I don't know. In any case,........things are busy but okay and I feel good energy around all these endeavors.