Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nathan in the recording studio

 Well, he's on his way. As of this moment, his new Facebook page has 70 likes in just under 36 hours, he has 5 producers interested and tonight, he met with Finish Line productions to try out their new studio and make some beats with the owner. It's happening pretty quick, i feel it in the air. Nathans going to be big. This kid has so much in him, I can't wait to see what happens next!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This guy....

Just in case any of you thought I forgot about this one of mine, here's the proof that in fact, I did not.
Brennan spends most of his time at his buddy Jacks, playing baseball, playstation 3 and smart mouthing me...
He's a sweet boy, very protective of his little sister and of equal rights in our home.
He will be the first to speak up if something isn't fair and then argue until his point is proven, or he gets sent to his room, which ever comes first.
I love him to death, but, this age of 14, is a tricky one. 
Every day, I have to remind myself to walk up to him, put an arm around him and ask him...."have you had your physical contact for today?"
A dear friend, Elisa gave me that piece of advice when her oldest was giving her a hard time on a regular basis.
She said to always make sure to hug them, even when they make you angry to the moon and back.
They all need that hug.
I love you Brennan.