Thursday, December 18, 2014

December thus far

We have been busy crafting and decorating around here!
This has been good for a couple of reasons, 1. The house needed it..
2. it's been a good way for me to grieve. i'll post on that a little later on in the month..
 I have been making cornstarch and baking soda ornaments like crazy. I love being able to draw designs on each one. The kids and I made over 50 salt dough heart ornaments for our tree.
Mae said, its fitting because our family is all about the love. She's right. :)
 We got a van....a beautiful Honda Odyssey.
 Ive been on Pinterest a LOT. Like A lot A lot...

 I was so sick of seeing all those creepy Elf on the Shelf posts, but love the idea, SO....I made ten little elves. Tiny little wooden ones that are cute and not creepy. Boy and girl elves. I'll post photos of them later. Right now, they are hiding all around the house. The kids have to find them every day. If one is missing, thats a present gone....i'd like to be able to report that this has kept them very well behaved but, I think you know better than that.

 I tried my hand at wreath making for the first time ever. These branches were prickly and hurt!

 Josh hung lights up and made it look so beautiful from the outside.
 Some Kellen cuteness....

Thats it for now.....