Monday, October 15, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homecoming 2012

 Nathan went to homecoming this year with his sweet girlfriend. We just adore her. They went with a large group of friends and had dinner at Bennihanas, took a limo, rode the new ferris wheel, and came back to the Island for a late night movie party. He had a blast. As always, I am always appalled by the dresses these mothers allow their daughters to wear! I was so happy to see Nathans girlfriend modestly dressed and was impressed with Nathans comment that he is not interested in girls that dress like that.

Myron was asked to go to homecoming and agreed, but, then felt uncomfortable with it and had to tell the girl that he didn't want to go. If you know my little Myron at all, this made him feel just awful. Instead, he and his buddies hung out and had a movie night. Love these boys of mine!

Make sure to read the past blog for Brennans birthday post!

Happy 14th Birthday Brennan!!

I can't believe my son is 14!  That went by so fast. Happy Birthday to my sweet boy.
He is loving, funny, athletic and an amazing friend. I am so proud of the boy he is.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Birthday, homecoming, school, and more!

We went to back to school night last week to meet Maes teacher and I finally got to take a tour of the school. WOWSA. 

 Myron and I had a sweet mommy/me date. How lucky am I to have such a great kid that still loves to be with his mom at almost 16 years old.

I started writing/singing music with a band. Nathan comes and drums with us. It's been really fun.


AND FINALLY.......MY birthday!!! 

We started at Shima, my favorite restaurant that is now closing. We ordered EVERYTHING almost on the menu. Then we headed to Isla to sing karaoke and I was surprised that all of my friends came, even from Seattle, to surprise me!

This is Gabes impersonation of me (above)

It was a great night. Stay tuned!