Friday, October 31, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween preview

Okay, I just have to start off with the amazing costume Mae wore tonight to the Halloween party at the church. My sweet friend, Dominique lent this to us. She had made it....yes made it, for her daughter last year and lucky us, Mae is exactly one year younger than her daughter. It was exquisite and looked so adorable on Malan. We tried to find a wolf stuffed animal like D's daughter had last year, but settled for a grey mouse. Those of you that know how scared of mice I am, feel free to snicker now. To me, a mouse is just as scary if not scarier than a wolf. Anyhow, D, I was so scared all night that she might get it messy, but the outfit survived just fine. As soon as we entered the house, it was all taken off and I took a nice big breath of relief. :) Myron decided not to dress up tonight, so he is not included in the photos. It was a fun party and it was nice to see so many dressed up. Adults too. Darnit, I didn't get to take a photo of spiderman, aka Dave Hooyer. Anyone have a spare they can send? That was truly the highlight of this evening.
Happy Halloween everyone!

Tonight Myron dug up his "mini" harvest for dinner. I am not a seasoned farmer, so his crop was a little sparce. Nevertheless, we had a great salad that joined our table more as a decoration rather than a nutritional moment. Those are radishes to the left. They turned out to be more of a root than a vegetable. He was very proud and after all, isn't this what it is all about in the end?

Our mighty harvest dinner. The goal was to have a meal that was cultivated right here on the Island. It was fun to go to the farmers market on Saturday and find some seasonal treats.

My big accomplishment of the night was this nightgown that I sewed! Obviously Mae doesn't share the excitement, but I was so happy to complete my first ever creation. After paying 20 dollars on sale for a nightgown, I was ready to try it on my own. We went to the Hansens last night for FHE and my good friend Leslie helped me read the pattern. FYI, Mae is upset because the poor baby just got her shots today. We were also informed that she has lost weight, and needs to gain weight within this next month to be considered "normal". She is 22 lbs which is only 2 lbs more than she weighed at 9 months.

Life is good. Busy, but good.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ding dong the Haunted House is dead

It's over. After a month and a half of planning and at least 2 hours of work a day, it is done and over with. I will write more tomorrow after a night of rest. It's 1am and I just got my fussy baby back down for the night. It must be the excitement, because I am exhausted but cannot sleep.
Tata for now. Here is a video walk through of the Haunted House for now.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fort building queen!

I still got it! Not that it has been THAT long since I have built a fort like this (remember all the boys in this house) but I am happy to still get excited like my kids when the end result is this cotton castle. It's dismal outside, we don't have TV, but it's warm in the house and we have plenty of sheets.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The best white bread recipe

Baking bread has become a daily experience because of this amazing recipe I found in my "Joy of Cooking" book. It is quick and easy and the bread is just like grandma used to make.

Quick Rising White Bread

Combine in a large mixing bowl or in the bowl of a heavy-duty mixer ( I didn't use a mixer, just my hands) and let stand until the yeast is dissolved (give it a little stir), about 5 minutes.
1 package active dry yeast
1/4 cup warm (105-110 degrees) water

3 cups bread flour
2 cups warm water
1 tablespoon melted butter
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon salt
Mix by hand or on low speed for 1 minute. Gradually add 1/2 cup at a time until the dough is moist but not sticky. (I could only get 2 cups in)
3 to 3 and a half cups bread flour
Knead for about 10 minutes by hand ( I did 5) or with the dough hook on low to medium speed until the dough is smooth and elastic. Transfer the dough to an oiled bowl and turn it over once to coat and then cover and let rise until doubled. Usually an hour.
Punch down dough on a floured surface and either divide into two loaves, or hand push it out and cut out circle shapes for rolls. Cover and let rise again for another hour until doubled.
Preheat oven to 350 and cook for about 20 minutes or so. Just until lightly brown on top.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nighttime photos

I just have to add these photos for the grandparents. I tried to get some great shots tonight, but of course, Missy Mae was tired and awnry and just NOT having it. I have not gotten any shots of Nathan because he has gotten in some major trouble tonight. I won't go into details but it involves getting upset and taking off on his bike. NOT cool. Tata


Yes, Mamanummas. That is what I have called Myron since he was an infant. He is just the sweetest, kindest little guy and I had the pleasure of his company tonight while at Suyematsu farms to get some butternut and acorn squash. I had to get a a photo of him while there. Look, he is even dressed in fall colors! He is so confident and friendly with people. He had a whole conversation with the woman working there and continued to talk about how pleasant she was on the way home. Watch out ladies....he's a smooth talker.
Tonight after dinner and FHE, we started this funny little book. It was written 50 years ago so the terminology is quite funny. There were many words and sayings I had to guess on, but it was a fun silly book nevertheless. I love to read my children old books. I think society dumbs our children down so much nowadays. Where are the big words and fantastical plots? Look for books at least 30 years old and you will be in for a real treat. 90% of our childrens books are older than 20 years.
I love cooking in the fall. Tonight I made a classic meat and potatoes dish that I grew up on at Grandma and Grandpas farm, with a twist. Mashed fresh red potatoes with fresh garlic, slow and homemade bread from last night, with of course,.....ample pan gravy.
It was delicious. Tomorrow I will attempt to make Butternut squash from the beautiful squash I bought this evening at the farm.

Above is the view from one corner of my front deck. I love looking out and seeing the trees. I much prefer the trees to our sometimes water view.

Happy Fall again to everyone!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Past few days in review

I don't know how I ever had time to blog every day before. I haven't been able to find any time in the last several days to sit down here and write.

Fall is just gorgeous here. The leaves are yellow, orange, red and brown. Just lovely. It makes me want to cook (i'm baking bread as I type) and craft. This weekends hobby was painting. I love the artist, Mitsumasa Anno. Not sure on the spelling of that name, but anyhow. I am attaching a photo of his work. I wish I would have taken a photo of the small painting I did, but I gave it to my little buddy Liam today. I'll post it later if I can sneak a photo next time I am at their home. It has been a lot of fun and I didn't realize how much I missed painting.

Friday night we were invited to "Shabbat" at a friends home. I was so excited to learn all about her Jewish customs. We had a beautiful dinner and lots of intriguing conversation. In the photo below, C is inside their "Sukkah" which was built in their backyard. She explained to all of us about the plants and the fruit (sorry C, I can't remember the name!) and their symbolism.
It was truly fascinating and spiritual.
After having snack in the Sukkah, we proceeded to the dinner table that facilitated 13 of us! It was a sight to be seen. C, you are a most gracious hostess and fed us very well. The songs were special and we are so thankful to have experienced a traditional Shabbot.
Here is C in the kitchen, standing behind her beautiful candles. After that evening, I have decided that I would like to start taking Judaism classes at Kol Shalom. I am just so interested in all the symbolism. C, you should start a blog!
Saturday we basically stuck close to home except for the evening. Shane and the boys went to clean the church and my good friend Rhonda and I went to Lynnwood Theater to catch the documentary, "Good Food". It was a good film and I can't wait for R to get her garden set up so that I can come have a little spot as well.
Anyhow, things are busy, but great. I'll post photos of the kids next time.
Check out our great Fall nature scene that we just put together last week.
The kids and I had so much fun putting it together and making new little items to add to it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Catch me if you can

Add Video

Yes, it was a great film and now the story of my life. I have never been this busy. I am chair of the 4th grade Haunted House, trying to get a handmade bazaar together by the 21st of Nov, mom of 5, blah blah blah.... it's insane. Not included are my daily running arounds, callings, apts, sports..aka mom taxi . It is enough to scream "Calgon, take me away". Remember that old commercial? I remember watching it as a child and feeling so horrible for the mother in the commercial and so relieved to see her smiling, finally sitting in a bubble bath. Snap back to reality...any time I try to take a bath, just a regular bath mind you, (I'm not picky), my little ones hear the water and come running like it's an ice cream truck. I know there are those of you that think bathing with your young ones is just wrong, but little ones still sleep in my bed too, so pick your battle. are some fun photos and a video or two. Mae has become a talking machine. She sings "twinkle twinkle little star" (see video and it's towards the end), she sings her alphabet and counts. She speaks 3 word sentences and is totally blowing her other brothers out of the water in terms of milestones. I mean...I always knew girls were smarter, but wow. Wink wink*, but really though. Last week Nathan and I attended a lovely knitting group at Church Mouse yarns. It was fun and we got to spend time with our good friends. Brennan turned 10 last Friday. He was sick for it and had to miss his football game the following day, but it was a success as far as presents go. He finally got a BB gun. I have been so opposed to this, but Shane has assured me that he is old enough and so far he is being very safe and respectful with it. AKA, no shooting out windows or squirrels from trees. Nathan is in jazz band and is loving his teacher. Myron is playing soccer and doing great in school. Rylan is obsessed with kidnappers now ever since we had the "stranger" conversation. Last week, Shane took the boys to the park while I was working and apparently, a disheveled old man looked the kidnapper type and without hesitation, Rylan yelled out across the park to Shane, " Dad, is THAT the kidnapper"? Needless to say, Shane was about 10 shades of red. Everyone is doing well and fall has settled among us. It is lovely outside and crisp and I think fall just be my favorite season.

Mae singing twinkle twinkle little star. Mae enjoying a birthday cupcake

Oh yeah! The coveted gun and cutie patootie Nathan below at Churchmouse Yarns
Brennan's favorite dish that I cook is pot pie, so I made him his very own. He also wanted and received a bottle of Febreeze also. How weird is this kid?
Mae's new favorite place to go hang out and hide.
Mae absolutely loves to help me in the kitchen already. Every night as I am making dinner, she comes to my legs and says "mommy, up". I place her on the counter and she helps me in little ways. Here she is making the salad by putting the cranberries and walnuts in.
Myron and I came up with a fun (for him) truth and dare game to make the time pass by quicker when he works with me at Lollipops. Everytime I would lose at solitaire (during an especially slow time) I had to choose a truth or dare. Obviously, I chose dare. After he took the above photo of me, I was on the phone and then some customers came in. I had completely forgotten I had the hat on and was holding the baby.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm back but...

Hi everyone. I am back, but can't really blog until this evening. I am rushing out the door as we speak.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stay tuned.........i'm on dial up!

Hello to the followers of my blog, if in fact there are any! Until Monday, I am on dial up.
To make a long story short...I have switched from Qwest to Comcast and now from Comcast to Qwest. In the meantime, they are playing tug of war with my internet service.
Toodles until then. I have loads to write about so stay tuned!

Saturday, October 4, 2008