Wednesday, January 8, 2014

FINALLY.....Christmas!!! ( Post 5 of....)

These are all out of order but at this point.....who cares.

 We made cookie and candy plates to take around to all our friends here in Suquamish. So many of them were so shocked and surprised that someone would bring them goodies. I couldn't believe it. I grew up in such a different way....
 Josh got Brennan his Seahawks shirt. He was in HEAVEN
Putting the star up. The kids were over the moon that they got to decorate two trees this year/

 Twas the night before Christmas.....everyone all snuggled under the tree....seriously. Moms house is SMALL.
My loves, Christmas morning

Love the smiles

Nathan got this awesome record player in a case and a beautiful 300 piece art kit and easel.
He was very happy. He is 18 next month and we wanted him to have things he can take with him as he heads to Bellingham this summer. But, not before performing at Bumbershoot!!!! I'll post more on that later.

Myron ended up with a lot of booty.....

As did Mae. Little girls are easy to shop for and with Shane and I both working full time we were able to provide the best Christmas they have had in years!

 OH! Here we go! This is a photo from Rylans birthday. EVERYONE jammed in my little livingroom to watch the Seahawks!! Woot
And back to Christmas. Shane is being silly and sporting his hat and bandana the kids gave him.

And thats it!!!

Rylan meets his favorite author and his Birthday!! (Post 4 of.....)

I can't find the fun pictures of Rylan blowing out his candles on his awesome Seahawks cake. 
But, it was awesome! He wanted Heelys for his birthday....too bad
he just cant figure out how to use them, bless his heart.

 I seriously peed myself a little every time he tried......

Pnuemonia everywhere.....and my boys

I am ONLY adding this photo of Myron. I was in the hospital for a week because of this stinking pnuemonia. So many little time. EVERYONE in our house got sick. Bronchitis or Pnuemonia (sp?) Happy we are all better now.

We had some happy times though. My boys have really become my best friends and protectors.
I am so lucky and blessed to have them. This was OCTOBER!! I took them out to dinner at Bella Luna and they decided to jump off the dock into the freezing water. Love my boys.
 My litttle sister came to visit around the same time.
 We built some awesome forts, as usual
My model boys 
Duck Faces
 Halloween. We were Zombies
 Pre Zombie
I had my annual bazaar. It went really well....

 And this is what my tiny cottage looked like the day before......
 Mae came and visited my preschool class. They loved her
 One of our many mom and me dates...
 Myron gives Richies Burger Urge a thumbs up. Still no WHERE near as good as the Grub Hut though!

Shane and Brennans birthday plus an injury.....

Happy Birthday Shane for September and Happy Birthday
Brennan for October~

 Photo bomb
 Oh yeah.....and THIS happened! I was at work and received two calls. One from Wilkes that Mae had hit her head on a bar, but was okay and the other, from Brennans PRINCIPAL that he had been in the weight room (off limits) and a friend had got him in the head with a weight!!! Apparently, there weren't signs posted that they shouldn't be in there, so they were really on top of the claiming no liability..
Anyhow, two staples later,....he's okay.'s been a WHILE!!! Be Patient...this is one of many. Introducing JOSH.

So, most of you know that Shane and I have been going through a divorce for the past two years.
We are still best friends and still a family. The kids are great, I am great, life is GREAT!
I rented a little cottage about two miles from our home on Bainbridge.  Shane chose to keep the house.
I didn't want to fight about it. The kids are with me from when they get home from school, until its time for bed and on the weekends. It has worked out fabulous. Last October, I met Josh.
We became fast friends and he introduced me to the Native American Church. I started attending and
our friendship grew into love and we celebrated our one year recently. He is a perfect addition to our family and has become a good friend to Shane. I know, we are totally out of the norm.
So some photos!

He is an amazing man. He loves and supports my children and would do anything for us. I had no idea that this is what love really is....Shane and I were 19 when we were married, after knowing each other just 6 months. We were each others first relationship and truly grew up together.  I love him dearly, as a brother, and a best friend. We will always be in each others lives. Josh, is a deeply spiritual, funny, energetic, sweet, loving man. I am happy to finally be able to introduce him here on my blog. You will be seeing a lot of him. 

Oh, and some photos of my little cottage.