Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jumble wumble this or that

The kids attempted to spend the night on the trampoline Friday night. Ry and Brennan opted to come in the house after hearing something in the bushes (we live in the forest). Nathan and Myron were adamant that they could and would spend the night. Well......(and this isn't nice), I didn't want them too because that meant I wouldn't sleep and they had games in the morning. So...we told them that we were going to bed, turned out ALL the lights in the house and outside lights and pretended to go to sleep. Meanwhile, Shane snuck out to scare them. It took him about 20 minutes...he was really into it. Brennan gave me the play by play as he watched out the window and I sat on the couch with Ry and Mae assuring them that it was not "scary". Yes, I felt pretty foolish and immature, but MAN were they going to be scared. It was going to be awesome! Nathan had a flashlight and was frantically shining it around and happened to shine it right on Shane. Darnit!! After 20+ minutes.....too! The boys weren't scared at all. Oh well...the fun times will be when the boys are old enough to scare their daddy and make up for years of jump outs and other "things that go bump in the night" moves!

Back to normalcy, I suppose. Here are some fun photos of the little ones.

Yes....she actually let me put rollers in her hair. Too bad her hair is so fine that the curls never stay. We had a lot of fun though.
We had a tough week. The kids and I have all been sick off and on and finally yesterday, I started feeling like myself. R and I managed to get out and go on our "birthday day" together and really enjoyed each others company. We also attended our Stake Relief Soc. broadcast.
Here's hoping for a great week.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Outi

I know......I am a blog whore. I rarely leave anywhere without my camera and attend events with the thought in the back of my mind "this will be great for my blog". What's worse, is that two of my close friends are bloggers too and we all share the same "dirty little secret". At least that's what it feels like. Lucky me, I was the only one with the camera tonight! I deserve this one though! While they have exciting things to report like kayaking, I have been home for DAYS with sick ones.
Just give me this one girls and we can fight about the others later. JK. xoxo

The first photo up above is of Outi showing her "ugly apron" that I made her. I intended it to be so cute, but it just ended up a hot mess. Once I resigned myself to the fact that it was going to be an "ugly apron" it became fun. I wrote her a funny card to explain and I was surprised that she actually loved it. Note to self: Outi appreciates handmade art as much as I do.
Marianne came out with the biggest present of all! A belly dance. She's a fun one that girl.
All the gals together. It still blows my mind how this many women can get together and be so close with each other and love each other all the same.
It was a great night. I feel blessed with friendships tonight.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Harvest Fair

Today was Wilkes annual Harvest Fair at the school. Rylan is my 4th child going through Wilkes and this is the first one we have created something for. He was so excited to bring it to school today. As luck would have it, he threw up on the bus on the way there and had to sit in the nurses office until I arrived. We were able to browse through some of the fun creations and pick our favorites.

Wouldn't you know of our favorites was a bus that we didn't even know belonged to a good friend until reading their post tonight. We sure loved it Ben! Now, as I look at the photo, I do see a hint of "Aken" on it. I should have paid more attention. ;)

Love the one below although, I am not certain that this child did it themselves. Who knows though.

Happy Fall to everyone.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


If you haven't gone to see Ponyo yet in the theaters, run, don't walk to see it. I heard about it from a friend and rushed to Ebay to purchase it. I had no idea that it was in theaters. It was released months ago in Japan with English subtitles. Ours arrived a couple of days later and became Mae's instant new favorite film. It was a very welcome break from Coraline. This new theater version showing now, is in English and is a bit different than the original, but still good.
Honestly, it needs no words. It is such a brilliant film. We decided to watch it yesterday as a surprise to Mae and she was over the moon excited.
She watched the entire 2 hours of this film, quietly and engrossed. It is rated G which is rare these days.
Here is Mae dancing to the theme song after the film had ended.

Something has got to be said about a film that lasts 2 hours but can still capture the attention of a 2 year old.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Excited about my new camera!

Today we spent a few hours at our one of our favorite secret spots. I'd let you know where, but every time we go, no one is ever there and we love this fact.
The kids roamed around in the "ghost garden". No one is ever there, but there is a beautiful garden of vegies and flowers and a new treat, a butterfly house. This is a public place, but no one knows about it. If you're lucky, maybe some time we will bring you with us.......blindfolded.

Another neat thing is an amazing hidden beach just down from the garden. Again...not a soul to be seen.

Maybe on my next post I will let you know how much I paid for said AWESOME camera on Ebay. You'll be surprised. It's not the newest and the greatest, but it is awesome for what I need/want in a camera.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ah Friday.

What a seemingly peaceful and calm day. As you can tell from the photo above....I was pulled over on the way to pick Shane up from work. AGAIN for the tail light being out. Good grief. Luckily it was Officer Ben. We went to high school together and he let me go. Got to love Rylan removing his seat belt before I was approached by said officer. Rylan said.....but we are stopped mom!
After our brief interruption, we set out again to pick up Shane. I love the tree house he is building for the Hepworths. It is just incredible. What is even more incredible is the fact that he just started 3 weeks ago. There are two treehouses with a bridge between the two. I will take more photos next week.
Tonight was our ward family movie night. I don't think anyone remembered because there were only 5 families in attendance and we snuck out early to the High school football game.

It was so cool to be at my old high school stadium again. Kids haven't changed at all. Our friends used to do this same thing. I plan on sending the below photo to them. I ran into some old teachers and lots of friends. Too bad we lost 0-?. We ditched out early on the game too.

Brennan and his football buddies.
Nathan and his buddies. It was because I had found out that Nathan went to the game without asking me personally that we ended up here. I had fun spying on him as the girls would flirt. Is he this old already?? Apparently he is!
Shane was so excited to run into his new "bro friend" that we met while camping. They just moved here and love football as much as him.
Finally, after a run to Central Market and Hollywood video, we are all home, tired and ready for our own movie night together. Here is some Mae cuteness.