Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For Uncle Eric




My brother Eric was a legend with Bainbridge Island Little League....at least that's how i've heard it told. He was an amazing player and to this day blames my dad for moving them to Idaho when he was 15 and thus ending his dreams of a Major League baseball career. Seriously...with his grades and his skill, he could have gone far. Baseball was not a popular sport in Idaho and he was unable to play this sport that he loved so much. Enter Brennan. Not only does Brennan look just like he could be Erics son, but he plays like him too. All heart, no fear.
Here you go Eric.... love you.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tball........I LOVE it!

Rylan was catcher today and I have never seen a funnier way to retrieve a ball. He decided that on his knees was best. Nevermind standing all the way up....i'll just shuffle back and forth on my knees. Too cute.
We thought we lucked out with Brennan AND Myron so incredible at sports, but along came Rylan. At 3 years old, he had majors coaches watching and commenting on his abilities!
Today he hit the ball so hard and far.......I couldn't believe it! Proud mama here.
Rylan and Tess. My friend Shayna's little girl. I love his expression. " A girl"!?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moms quilt

The quilt photographed above has been hanging at the UW medical center in Seattle for over 17 years along with a plaque that quotes a poem that I wrote for her. I have thought about this quilt ever since it was hung. Women in our Bainbridge Island ward (and Poulsbo) each sewed a square to add to the quilt. I have been told that when this quilt was presented to her she wrapped it all around her and cried. She loved this quilt and after her death, the hospital wanted to put up a memorial for her. She was a treasured and much loved patient. I finally made it over to the hospital to check on it a few weeks ago. I was on the wrong floor and didn't see it. I left my name and number at the nurses station and a few days later, one of the nurses on the correct floor gave me a call. She offered the quilt to me and I am over the moon excited to finally have something of hers. My dad has never given anything to me that belonged to her, which has been very hard for me. So...until I have room for it, it will be hung at either the church or my best friends house. It is lovely, I encourage those of you that live here to come by and look at it up close. A lot of love went into making it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shane and Katie......Shatie and Kane

1. Sitting in front of the TV, what's on the screen? Mariners..highlights
2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad? what's salad?
3. What's one food he doesn't like? rice
4. You go out to a restaurant, what does he get to drink? dr. pepper
5. Where did he go to high school? Glendora High, CA
6. What is one phrase he says all the time? "easy killer"
7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be? old cars
8. What is his favorite type of sandwich? all american sub
9. What would this person eat everyday if he could?
10. What is his favorite cereal? kashi
11. What would he never wear? skinny jeans
12. What is his favorite sports team? mariners baby!
13. Who is his best friend?me, the kids
14. How many states has he lived in? 3
15. Does he have any nervous habits? playing with a wart on the side of his temple
16. What could he spend hours doing? watching sports of any kind
17. He is: kind, patient, fun, hardworking and loyal

1. Sitting in front of the TV, what's on the screen? no TV, books.......lots of books
2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing does she get on her salad? thousand island AND blue cheese
3. What's one food she doesn't like? liver
4. You go out to a restaurant, what does she get to drink? coke/pepsi
5. Where did she go to high school? Bainbridge High, Bainbridge Isl, Wa
6. What is one phrase she says all the time?"like, awesome"
7. If she was to collect anything, what would it be? everything
8. What is her favorite type of sandwich? BLT
9. What would this person eat everyday if she could? shrimp tempura
10. What is her favorite cereal? grapenuts
11. What would she never wear? bellbottoms
12. What does she always wear? Jeans, BLACK
13. Who will she vote for? , no party inparticular. Case by case scenerio
14. Who is her best friend? Nonny
15. How many states has she lived in? Alaska, Id, Az, Ca, Ut, Or,Wa
16. Does she have any nervous habits? biting nails
17. What could she spend hours doing? sewing, crafting, reading, TALKING
18. She is: "everything and everyone
" (thanks Shane)

Tag- Jenny, Brooke, Corey, Tif, Erin, Laurene,and everyone else!

The Results are in

Paternity Test Report
Collected Case ID# NAME Relationship Sample Type
4/16/2010 GF8404AF Roger Campbell Alleged Father Swab-self
4/8/2010 GF8404C Kathryn Butler Child Swab-self
DNA Test Data:
System GF8404AF GF8404C
D8S1179 8,13 8,13 11.69
D21S11 27,30 30,30.2 0.99
D7S820 8,11 9,11 1.39
CSF1PO 10,11 10,11 1.82
D3S1358 15,18 15,18 2.50
TH01 6,9.3 6,8 1.22
D13S317 8,12 8,12 2.86
D16S539 12,15 11,12 0.83
D2S1338 19,22 19,19 3.64
D19S433 15.2,16.2 14,15.2 9.19
vWA 14,19 14,19 6.02
TPOX 8,10 8,10 6.28
D18S51 12,14 14,17 1.49
Amelogenin X,Y X,X 1.00
D5S818 11,13 11,12 0.64
FGA 21,26 21,26 10.67
Combined Paternity Index: 2703485
Probability of Paternity: 99.99%
Shared Alleles: 16 of 16
The results of the DNA test indicate that the alleged father cannot be excluded as the biological father of
the child. The probability of paternity is 99.99% as compared to an untested, unrelated man of the
Caucasian population.
Zach Gaskin Date
Director of Relationship Testing

For my other family, my real family. My dad, Ed is my real father in my eyes. ALthough we may have a strained relationship sometimes, he is my father and I love him. I do not want anything to do with Roger and don't expect that I ever will. I grew up in a very big, loving, happy family with cousins like siblings and aunts and uncles who have loved ... See Moreme all of my life. I am happy to get this test out of the way and get to know all of you, but for the rest of my family on facebook, I love you always and forever and in no way want to hurt any of you by bringing all of this out into the open. xo

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh laptop.....you are a warrior

My poor laptop....it has been weather beaten, toddlerized, thrown, hit...etc., and still.....it runs. Almost.
Now...I need to replace the battery cord....again.
So, until then, I can only use my computer at work and no more photos of the fam for a while.
Rest assured, we have had some fun times and i do have some photos when my laptop is up and running again, to share.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Second emailed poem from Nathan.

Ghost town

The street lights flicker

The people on the streets vanish

The sky darkens

Purple like an amethyst

The light of waterfront buildings

Streaks of white, yellow and blue

Mountains become shadows

Silhouettes behind the city

Night has taken over

Silence, reticence, quiet

Cars petal to the metal

laying rubber on the deserted streets

The occasional sirens and boat horns

A harmony of sounds ring in my ear

Planes soar over the fireflies below

Clamorous sounds follow them

The ghost town is silent again

The devious wind pushes garbage around

papers, cans, candy wrappers

The smell of factories and smoke float in the air

murky, thick, fumy

Restaurants and fast food buildings

Taunting smell of food wafted in the air

The Amethyst is fading


Black as ash

Good Night!

Emails from Nathan

Today as I was going through my email inbox, I opened this email from Nathan.
He has always written beautifully, but this took my breath away.
Brooke, we have some highly deep children. It makes my heart ache with love for him.

Nate Butler


Bourland P.4

Where I am from...

I am from the strings on my guitar

from the bass guitar and drums

I am from the trumpet I used to play in band

its surface smooth and gleaming

I am from the weather beaten tent in the woods

Its thin tarp, the only thing protecting me from nature

The fire pit is blanketed with an orange glow

Crackling as its fiery tendrils climb an invisible ladder

I am from the canoe I paddled in years ago

Its solid metal frame scratched and beaten

I am from Crescent lake

Its emerald green waters entice me

I am from the tide pools at point no point

The sea anemones, crabs and seaweed fascinate me

I am from the hiking pack I once hiked with

Its pouches packed with food and supplies

I am from home plate in sands field

Its bases dirty and worn from years of baseball

I am from the branches on that towering pine tree in my back yard

The top of the tree is up in the clouds

I am from the tree fort in the woods I once played in

I remember it as if I played in it yesterday

I am from the fallen tree that sleeps in the woods

Its insides are hollow and black

I am from the old blanket my grandmother made me when I was born

The memories I treasure are in every stitch of that old blanket

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why not?

So your mama owns a store full of things you cannot touch.
What's one two year old and her active big brother to do?

Luckily there is a long dock like deck you can play on if the weather is nice ... but what if a big box full of goods comes to moms store and miraculously transforms into.....
A great house, hiding spot, chair...(anything but a box).
Where is Rylan?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why today was a great day....

I got loads of kisses today from Mae, which are a rare commodity, let me tell ya.

After visiting a dear friend, I was invited to come to her studio on Thursday nights to throw clay with the best of em. I haven't "thrown clay" since high school and I can't wait to sit in this studio with friends and CREATE!
I already have some ideas, but we'll see if I can pick it back up ...or not.

Nathan was an ever faithful raccoon protector. They are getting so confident, that they will come right up by the kids. I suppose it doesn't help that Shane feeds them now and then, but, the kids do have fun trying to chase them off. Funny thing is....the cat isn't even afraid of them. They have some sort of spoken agreement between them. I have even seen them all share a food plate with out any hissing or flinching !
Daddy is always the best story reader with all his funny voices and tickles. Tonight was a very funny book that we picked up at the library book sale yesterday, "Take Me Out of the Bathtub".
Silly lyrics set to classic songs. The kids were giggling the whole time. I can tell it is going to be a nightly event.
Myron was called as the President of his Deacons quorum. He was very excited and proud. We were too. He is such a special boy.
LOVE Sundays because we get to read so much. Brennan loves to read to the little ones too, which I loved because it meant that I was able to cook dinner for a change. I made a commitment to myself to cook dinner every night no matter how busy or tired we were. Well......last week, it didn't quite work out that way. Anyhow.....love the below photo and love Curious George, another great story bought at the book sale as well.
Anyhow....great day. I didn't add all the events which included a 5 minute baseball game, a heavenly barbecue with the team and the glorious sunshine and warm weather that allowed me to actually question if I needed any sunblock.


Friday, April 9, 2010

20 Dolla DO!

One of the perks of owning a shop downtown is getting to know all the amazing other store owners. We all have a special bond and give special discounts to each other. My shop is in the same building as the very hip Megan Alison studio. Haircuts here run about 50.00. Way out of my price range. In fact, I have been cutting my hair myself thank you...for about a year.
Anyhow, one of the hairdressers brought in this lovely coupon for 25.00 off ANY service in their salon. I jumped at the chance. Because my hair is shortish, I ended up paying 20.00 for the haircut and 10.00 for a tip. I tipped because not only did my hair look amazing, but I had a scalp massage and instead of the hurry, cut your hair and get you out of the chair service...it took around an hour. Jenna cut my hair and then showed me exactly how to do it myself at home.
So, here's the deal. ANY new customer can get the same deal. Just let them know that Katie sent you! 25.00 off haircuts, colors, perms, waxes, tweezing, etc!
So go get YOUR do!

PS- While I am raving, I have to rave about another awesome friend, Sarah from "The Battle of Land and Sea" and creative mind behind THIS blog.....www.craftyFOLK.org.
She makes awesome stickers, post cards
etc. and I just adore her, so jump over there and buy some lovelies. I am putting a cute photo of her latest and greatest OWL stickers over to the left.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No news is good news!

Although I have to admit......I got some pretty insane news last night that I wish wish wish I could post here, but promised a certain new relative that I wouldn't until it is out.
But for those of you that can't wait and aren't relatives.....call me.....you WONT believe it!!!
Let's just say that Karma has a great way of working itself out. :)
For today....it has been mellow which I love. I had two of my amazing artists
come in and hang out for a couple of hours which brightened my day and lifted my spirits.
Seriously,....I have the best job in the world. If you know me at all.....you already know how perfect this whole gig is for me. I can talk endlessly to strangers, learn all about them.....and not take up any of my family's time and still be productive!!!

OH OH OH!!!! I forgot.....there WAS a blood test taken at my birth to already prove the paternity!!
LOVE that!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great Great Day!

Great day

It's happened again....I have a whole camera full of cute, awesome photos of the kiddos and the fun times we have had lately and cannot for the life of me find my uploader cord!
It is SO frustrating how it pops up and disappears all the time.
Today was a great day. One of my artists/friends worked at the store for me until 1:30 or so which freed up my entire morning to hang with my little ones and hubby.
We headed to Poulsbo via the backroads along the water. I did this because if you know anything about me, you know my insane fascination with anything oceanic. I read on the Kitsap Suns facebook page that a couple of gray whales have been seen on and off for three whole days right down in the Poulsbo bay. We hung out for a while and my impatience got the best of me.
Well, if I couldn't see my whales, I decided that we should go to the Marine Science center (after an imperative stop at Sluys bakery to get the highly regarded chocolate doughnuts). They were closed! The kids were bummed, we were bummed. We decided the only way to make this day better would be to go to lunch at a great Mexican Rest. downtown and then head to the park afterwards, which we did. It was a great day....I shot some great photos. Really! Take my word for it. I headed back to work, hung out, met some great people, talked to my awesome "new" uncle Jim and got some paperwork done. Really...nice mellow day. Tonight Brennan had a baseball game and it was a close one. Now I am home, nice and warm in my jammies....kids are in bed and I am ready to get in bed with a good book.
It has been a great day. xo

I'm leaving it

I keep going to delete the "angry" post and I just cannot do it. I don't want to erase what I was feeling last night, so I am leaving it. They are true feelings and I need them to be a part of this blog. So, although today I am feeling, peaceful, calm.."over it". I did need to get the angryness out of myself before starting fresh this morning.
Hopefully today brings more peace. I do have to mention that right after my post last night, a lovely uncle Jim called me and let me know that just days before, he and his wife were talking about me and wondering what had become of me.
He was furious with Roger when I was born and let me know that if anyone needed a DNA test, to come to him.
Anyhow...today I actually have an employee and will take the morning off to focus on what is most important in my life next to God, my children.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Deep Breath..........and all the anger comes out

Today has been another emotionally draining day. I am feeling inclined to start another blog for just this "new family" stuff.
What I have come to realize tonight (after a nonstop "thinking" fest today) is that no matter what....what I say, how I feel. what I am going through is mine and mine alone. I can't worry about how my family feels, or Rogers family feels. If I stop to consider everyone else's feelings, I have no time to consider mine and as of late....mine are quite the mess.
So if you are reading this and you are "old" family or "new", you read at your own risk.
I am not going to sugar coat anything or falsify anything else to make you feel better or because it is politically correct.
The fact is.....I know what I have been told since I found out about this whole mess and I choose to believe MY family.
So to my dear "new" aunt ....although your phone call today was as passive aggressive as one can get.....as I have been mulling over the things you said....I am feeling quite more angry and hurt than before.
That's great that Roger was a popular guy at school and that all his brothers were/are jealous of him.
Loved the comment that you didn't want to say that my mother "did or did not seduce him".
Questions of why would my mom being LDS "get with"with a non LDS guy, and saying that she couldn't marry Roger because he wasn't LDS. Look....my mom married my dad (Ed) who was catholic just a year later so.....
Your "stories" had me almost questioning my own family.....for a second. I understand the wanting to be protective of your little brother who couldn't even own up to his role in this situation. Ps- STILL wont own up to it and claims to be "too heartbroken" over his divorce to try to talk to me.I am SO angry. Why doesn't anyone that knew/remembers the situation own up to it??I keep getting the DNA test thing. "WHEN we get the test we'll know".....I KNOW. I know my mother. I know i know I know......and this is making me want less and less to do with this family.I am going to do it. Not only am I going to take the flippin test I paid for, but I am going to "pass" with flying colors and then what? I don't know. I know I have a little sister and brother that are worth it. That's what I am focusing on.
Phew......that all felt good to let out. I am angry. So angry I wont sleep tonight angry. I may or may not post this. I may post it and delete it tomorrow.
Who knows......

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New family

Well, there are a few reasons why I really need to write the following post.
As a journal entry, to let my friends and family know, and now to tell a story that might end up being told a hundred or more times to my now "new" family.
So......let me begin.
I always knew that I was born before my parents were married. This was a special story because I was at their wedding and there are many little snippets of info from all my aunts and uncles about the little comments I would make about it, during the ceremony.
Anyhow....when I was 12 years old, one of my cousins said "well he's not your biological dad".
I didn't know what it meant, so I asked my mom. Out it came that she had had a boyfriend, Roger and he was her first and lo and behold, she had me. It was a pretty entertaining story. She had been planning on giving me up for adoption through LDS services and couldn't do it.
Roger came to the hospital the day I was born and asked her to marry him. She said no.
His family fought with my family over me because there was an aunt that couldn't have children and she wanted to adopt me. Grandpa ran Roger off his property with a pitch fork once.
Yes....many stories. When I was a freshman in high school, MY dad (Ed) let us know that HE had a long lost daughter as well! Yes...it was very hard for me. I felt like, OH, now I am not his real daughter and he has one, so I can be replaced. SO...I thought, well I want to call MY "real" dad now too just to show him. So, I did. I dont remember much about that conversation other than he was less than impressed with me but did agree to meet me if I was ever in Idaho. We were living here on Bainbridge Island at the time. It just so happened that that same summer, we were down in Idaho and I called him. He wanted to meet at his work so mom drove me up to Nampa, stopping at the mall to buy me a brand new outfit so I would look as pretty as possible.
Mom had said he was really popular in school (football?) anyhow, so I made up a lie about how I was a cheerleader and model etc. to impress him. I remember seeing two framed photos of a little girl and little boy that he said were his kids ( my brother and sister). He was short and gruff with me and I think the whole meeting lasted about 20 minutes. In the end, I felt rejected, confused and hurt. My mother wouldn't even come inside, she waited out in the van, not wanting to see him. Fast forward ...I am 18 and my mother has just died. I call him and let him know and his response was "I dont have any room in my life for you, and what do you want from me, what do you want me to do". He said something to the fact that my mom wasn't a big deal to him, again, can't remember the words, just the impression I got from the conversation.
Anyhow....I have never spoken to him since. Fast forward again to Thursday night.
Facebook can be amazing. I have often thought of my little brother and sister but have not wanted to "rock the boat" and go behind Rogers back to find them. I didn't know their ages, just that they seemed a lot younger than me at 14. So, I started messaging (30 or so) people in the Nampa area asking if they were Roger's son/daughter. (sorry to my family, I told them that they found me, out of feeling loyalty to their feelings) Darci, my little sister messaged back.
Since then, I have heard from cousins/aunts etc. that I never knew existed. Last night, I had three cousins messaging me and another on the phone. They are so loving and welcoming, I now am feeling very gypped that I haven't known them longer. In the meantime, Roger is still not accepting me and not wanting to take a DNA test. If I were him, I would feel embarrassed and I am sure that is what is going on. How would you feel? Here is this incredible, close and loving family and you didn't own up to having a little girl AND she contacted you when she was younger?? I think he is going to hear about it for sure. I don't want a relationship with him.
There are a lot of hurt/angry feelings towards him. The biggest thing to me is....respect for my mother. Does he not even have enough respect for her that he would own up? For those of you that remember her, you know. For those of you who dont, she was an amazingly spiritual, soft spoken and sweet girl. She died of cancer at age 38 and her life was devoted to god and her children. So as I go through all of this, I will update you all. I am hoping to reunite with my little brother and sister soon. I have yet to hear from my brother, but Darci and I have been talking and it has been wonderful. We will have to do a DNA test to appease them, but I will and then we can move past this. For those of you new family members that are reading this, I hope I have answered some of your questions. Feel free to comment or email me directly at shatiekatie@hotmail.com.

PS- Some things about me -
- I have 5 children and have been married 15 years this year
-I am LDS
-I own an Indie Arts and Crafts store downtown Bainbridge Island and do Indie Craft Bazaars as well (http://www.indiebanditas.com/)
-I love to write poetry, childrens books and once held an awesome job as an Indie film reviewer for an alternative newspaper.
-I am very social and love my friends
-I love food....cooking, eating...mostly eating
-I am very silly
-I LOVE films, especially indie ones
-Dancing. I was in ballet for many many MANY years and still love to dance (hip hop)
- I am the oldest of 5 children (29, 27, 21,17)
-I love children. Love love love them. Mine, yours...strangers....love them
-I am fun (at least in my head I am)
-I am loyal and protective

My friends will for sure leave comments about my craziness....but don't listen to them!
Pps- I have to add (due to the comments) that I have not heard from Roger to hear his side, so please refrain from saying anything negative about him. He had two small children of his own and a wife and all of the sudden an "instant daughter". Who knows his rhyme or reason.
I am hoping with this post to tell a story that has not been told and give some insight into who I am in this whole equation. I am sure that someday, Roger and I will sit down and talk about all of this. For now, I am focusing on the positives of this situation. New family, loving family, new relationships. xo