Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mae- soccer star and laundry queen

Mae started soccer today. She's not too sure if she likes it yet. I am the assistant coach, so shes kinda stuck. It works out perfect because i can get my run in before practice and then practice for an hour with the team. great workout.....great break for mama

Tonight, Mae BEGGED me to fold the lauindry. She is seriously just like her mama. I LOVE doing laundry.....

Grub Hut and mini outings

I LOOOOVE that Mae and Rylan go to school just three blocks away from our house. Rylan rides his bike and i walk Mae.

 Josh and I took the boys to Grub Hut last night and it was Brennans first time. Its our favorite place, and now his too..
 Myron explaining why Nathan should have ordered the "Hangover "burger instead of the regular burger. Jalepenos, chipotle sauce, fried onions......yum
 Rylan and his best pals that all live within two blocks of our house. love these sweet boys.
 Rylan and I love to go to the Suquamish museum. he really loves history and the native traditions.

 Mae and her best friend, Lily, walking home from school.

 these photos are out of  order.....Brennan (above) taking his first bite of the best burger he will ever have.

Myron is having a fun senior year. spirit week was awesome. Pam needs to send me the photos of him in his big diaper.....:)
 Myron also attended our stake Sadie Hawkins dance . Such a handsome boy that one.

Tomorrow, Mae starts soccer and she is so excited. I just started running/walking/trotting again and it feels soo good to hit that pavement. Kellen loves it too. Life is moving at a fast pace and I can hardly keep up, but I wouldnt have it any other way. xo

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Grandma Hardys blessing gown

 My grandmother hardy was a gifted seamstress. She made wedding dresses, prom dresses, amazing quilts that she would handpaint on, and blessing gowns. This was mine. My sisters wore it, my children, and now following suit, our little Kellen. She would have been so happy....

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back to School 2014

Our first date night after Kellen was born... 

I have reluctantly allowed Myron and Brennan to live with our good family friends, The Rehders. I have known this family since I was a little girl in Alaska. This allows the boys to focus, remain in their school district, and have their own space. I know its the right thing and the best thing for them, but, my heart hurts...
Lucky for them, there is a pool, a hot tub, and a beautiful park near by. Can I move in too???

Below...one of Kellens many expressions. Love him

 Myron, Liam and his best friend Josh Rentz, participated in our churchs youth program "The Hunger Games" and had a blast. Myron ate some disgusting items...and they really "survived!"
 My childhood, best friend, Vi turned 38 , so we had a mini reunion. Love these girls.
 Rylan and Mae actually stood NEXT to each other AND let me photograph them too!
Pigs fly?! Rylan LOVES his new school.
 Nathan got a job working at Hammys, a new burger restaurant on the south side of the Island. He bikes back and forth (10 miles each way), every day and he loves it. He is a cook. He, of course, is still making amazing music.
 Shane just had his 39th birthday, so I cooked his favorite meal and we had a nice time.
 Kellen just turned 7 weeks old!
 This is how I spent my Saturday...doing Myron and Brennans laundry. They come home on the weekends. Lucky me....
 Two of my handsome boys