Monday, December 21, 2009

Long time no posty!!

Starting from today and going we go. Tonight we had a great time at our friends home celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. We acted out the Nativity and the kids had such an amazing time. There were three "Marys" tonight and Mae really loved playing her.
It was so neat to see these girls taking this part SO seriously. I think Claire really set such a great example.

I took so many photos of these three beautiful girls.

Shane was able to act out part of the Nativity with the boys. What a special experience.

What a neat FHE thanks to the Ross's. We are so thankful to have them in our ward.
I just adore them.
Here is Laurene below with her BEAUtiful tree!

Before the party, Rylan was able to open his one gift before his birthday. I just love his enthusiasm!

The boys have been so into cooking lately and I just LOVE how they LOVE to cook breakfast. I am really enjoying the breakfast in bed!

We made our annual gingerbread (graham cracker) houses. I feel guilty when we do this because I grew up with a grandmother that made sure that we made REAL gingerbread houses at Christmas time. Oh well!

For our Ward Christmas Party, they asked Shane and the boys to play shepards. It was really neat to see them taking it so seriously.

Mae has talked NON stop about "The Baby Jesus". She just had to approach Mary and Joseph
during the Nativity Scene.

We finally trimmed the Christmas tree and Mae was too excited to be the "baby" in front of the tree.

This one is for you Jenna. She is wearing your artwork aka necklace. xoxo

After the state championships for soccer, Myron and his bud had a slumber party at Gregs which was only 20 min. away from the fields. He was happy to have his friend Bryce come hang out for a night.

Myrons soccer team won 3rd in state! What a great
group of boys.
We were lucky to be able to stay a few nights with my brother
that lived close,instead
of spending moolah for a hotel room!

All in all it has been a great/busy/crazy few weeks. We are excited for Christmas, especially the kids because we are not doing a handmade Christmas this year. They actually get store bought gifts. I bought plastic as well which is a major no no in our house, but good do you avoid it with a daughter? I ended up buying her two barbie dolls as well. Disney ones and even Rylan got a plastic car set, which I am sure will break within a week. I have such an aversion to plastic. It looks cheap, it is disposable.....anyhow, that's my rant.
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Lists

After another day of Christmas shopping, we met together to evaluate the kids lists.
We feel so lucky to have such sweet kids. Each list is different. I want to share them.

"I only want an acoustic guitar!!!!, and scriptures"

"For Christmas, I am wishing for...
1-A skateboard
3-miniature stuff (he loves anything small)
4-and last but not least, maybe a helmet with pads"

"Dear Santa, I'm Brennan. I'm 11 years old and for christmas, here is a list of
presents I want...
-skateboard gear
-air soft gun
-snow gear
-swimming gear
-pocket knife
-baseball and baseball bat
-new baseball glove
-football gloves"
(I love how into sports he is)

"Dear Santa, this is Rylan. I would be so happy to get a
skateboard,a bike,skateboard gear, electric guitar,art set, watch, bracelet, ISPY book and a blanket".

dollhouse furniture
candy cane

Nap, food.......nap

Katie- cleaning......nap

Too cute. This Christmas at home will be so much fun.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bloggers guilt

I think about a new post every day. I know you are all sick of the bloody photo of Brennan by now.
Everyone here is just dandy, getting ready for Christmas. We will be home for the first time in years and I am very happy with that. I haven't located my uploader cord to my camera, but when I do, I will shower you with photos.