Friday, July 27, 2012

Crazy summer!

Things have been bonkers lately!! I am working full time and have a show coming up on August 11th that will be a doozy. My close friends restaurant, 122 was burned to the ground due to lightning and we are turning my show into a benefit concert as well. time to even think straight!
Nathan is in Colorado with Dad on a jeeping excursion for a few weeks and Brennan and Myron leave for their one week canoe trip next week.
Everything is going swell. I was lucky to sneak away with a couple of friends last weekend to camp and Lake Crescent which was really nice. The first night, Friday, we didn't get up there until midnight and the campspots were taken. So....we drove another hour to La Push and camped right on the beach.
It was beautiful. The next day, we headed back to Lake Crescent and had a nice relaxing day. It was much needed!

Here are some photos....