Monday, February 28, 2011

Newport Beach - Day 9

Mae loved the soft/warm sand.

What an incredibly beautiful day.

It was about 80 degrees with a nice wind blowing. Perfect weather!

Sushi on the pier. Spicy Tuna. Yum. Not as good as Shima though!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Day 8

The kids and grandparents
The church above is the church Shane and I were married at. His parents have been going to the same church building for over 25 years.

Everyone in church clothes means photo op!!

I think I am getting all my days mixed up. We have been on vacation since Saturday so technically we are on day 9 but oh well. The boys and possibly me, depending on a nap, will go hiking up in the hills. I'll report on that tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 7- Nathans day

"Roach mobile" pictured up above. They are all over. For Nathans birthday back on the 16th, he decided that he'd like to spend his birthday money, thrifting in LA county., his grandma and I took him.
The thrift stores here are great because they do not price higher because of name brands. It's all around the same price. This particular thrift shop is not frequented by "thrifters" trying to make a buck. The regulars are hispanic women and men. The above photo was taken in the first 10 minutes.

Nathan with his stash. He spent 48.00 and ended up with two pairs of courdouroy pants, 10 tshirts, 1 pair of newish vans, 3 flannels and a rad tie. Nice!
He used the rest of his money at the VANS store here in LA right off Route 66.

He was excited to get some more shoes, shirts, sunglasses and other accessories. Then it was off to In N Out for lunch and to score some more tshirts for the gang. I know I have put In N Out down in the past for their average burgers that everyone makes sound like the BEST burgers in the world. I had an animal style burger. It was the BOMB!!

Now we are resting up until tonight. We are going over to Shanes sisters for dinner and movies. Ta ta!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 6- Family Movie Night

When Shane and I were first married and lived with his parents, (while looking for a place of our own), we had a tradition of going to the San Dimas library to rent movies and then watch movies together as a family. Imagine my excitement when my father in law asked if we'd like to go to the library on this rainy day! We rented some great films and as I type this, we are all watching " Hansel and Gretel". Mae is very excited because this is one of her favorite stories that I tell her before she goes to sleep.
Grandma, Brennan and my sweet niece Haley.

The family room that doubles as the kids bedroom at night.
Brennan and Hannah. Did I mention that the girls are twins?? LOVE it. So far, they are more attached to their cousins than to me.
Tomorrow.....thrifting in LA.

California Adventure Day 6


California Adventure was fun. I wish we could have gone back to Disneyland (right next door) but to get that park pass was 10$ each kid. Ugh. At Disneyland, we were unable to see Disney Characters unless we wanted to wait in line. Upwards of 90 minutes! Here at the California Adventure...they were all over. Nice for my little Mae. The boys had fun on the "Tower of Terror" and " California Screamin". Their first "real" rides. Thank the heavens that I had enough sense to deny Rylans admission to California Screamin roller coaster. SCARY!! We all had a great time and as I type this we are safe in our family suite tired and ready for a loong nights sleep.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

This just about sums up our day.....

I'll report more tomorrow.
Time to go ache these old bones in the hot tub and then join Mae.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 5- Disneyland

Well....we are here. Yesterday was fun, sunny and exhausting. We spent more time in lines than on rides, but's Disneyland. Did you know that the Disney characters do not just walk around like they used to? Mae REALLY wanted to meet Snow White, but to meet a princess (no guarantee of which one) you had to wait in a line for about 90 minutes to see her. Ridiculous!
Not even Mickey walked around. Kind of disappointing. Splash Mountain was closed as well.
Bummer. But....the kids had a great time and we did too. Today we are on to the California Adventure and then back to grandparents tomorrow to rest.
This family never rests, so they already have something planned for each day we are there.
We want to get away next week to see the Olivers, close family friends. Hopefully we can do that.
Ta ta.