Monday, June 30, 2008

What I love about living on an Island

Today has been one of those days that just reminds me of how much I love this Island. Secretly I am hoping to entice those of you treasured friends that have moved away. There is just something so amazing about the kids being able to ride their bikes to the ocean. Today was Brennan's first time riding his bike the 2 miles it takes to get to our favorite beach. Technically the ocean is only two blocks away from our home, and it is such a "take a minute and sigh" moment when I wake up in the morning and can see the water from my livingroom. The funny thing is, I love the view from my kitchen more. It is just trees. Beautiful sparkly trees in every shade of green. Anyhow, today is just a good day. The kids are getting along, the weather was beautiful today, and all is right in the world right now.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Camping videos.

I forgot to add these two videos from our camping trip. Enjoy!

Mae's birthday!

Malan turned 1 on Tuesday the 24th. I can't believe it has been that long. After opening the first present, she figured it out and kept wanting to see what was inside the next. I had big dreams for her birthday cake, but no time, so it ended up being a version of the 5th birthday cake my mother made me minus the marshmallow elephants. Stay tuned for photos of her birthday celebration with friends at Bloedal Reserve.


This is Kelly my brothers girlfriend of 2 years? A long time. She is beautiful, talented and one of my favorite people. It doesn't hurt that she cuts hair!
Kelly happened to have a mask that looked like this when Myron wore it. Too funny!
This is Mae reading to herself. She doesn't allow me to read to her. She takes the book away and reads it herself. She even makes little noises while turning the pages.
Here is a psychedelic photo of Mae taken with my new (doesn't work right) camera that I was so excited to find on Craigslist that day. What a gyp, but I had to get the outfit on film! She looks too cute in her pigtails.
Nathan looking too much like a bachelor in this bachelor pad of Gregs
Missy Mae at the lake
The kids that begged to go down to the lake spent about 10 minutes in it and the rest of the time begging to play baseball which they do all the time!
My adorable little big brother Greg
We spontaneously took off for Bellingham last weekend. It was a nice getaway.

Goodbye Elisa

There are some people in your lives that you feel you have known forever even though it hasn't been long at all. I felt this way about an entire family. The Oliver's. They have just moved back to California after living here 6 years. He just finished making a brilliant film called " Take" starring Minnie Driver. They have moved to be closer to his work. Although, my heart is a little broken to lose this family, I feel so happy that they are all together. Here is a photo of Elisa and her closest friends which I feel so honored to be amidst. We took her out to dinner which was supposed to be a weekend trip to Bellingham that just didn't work out. Oh well, we had a wonderful 3 hour dinner and great food. I am also sharing a few other photos. I miss you Elisa!

Fathers Day, Malans birthday, Bellingham......etc!

Malans first time in the sand

The boys love to build forts on the beach Where's Mae? Almost the perfect photo!

For Fathers Day weekend, we went camping for the first time this year at our favorite campground, Fort Flagler. It was perfect weather in that, oh so happy it's just not raining kind of way. The kids flew kites for the first time and I lost my pants down to my ankles, trying to run and get it up in the air. Thank you pants for being too big and for the humbling experience of being the "not cool" momma that I have been in denial about. The sad thing is that I wasn't even embarrassed! Malan played in the sand for the first time, tasting many different versions and loving each one. The kids flew kites, yes they got them up in the air, we attempted to watch the sunset until we realized we were harboring a miss stinky pants and had to retreat, and many other fun things. Here are a few photos and a video to share with you.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brennans recorder recital

I forgot to include Brennans recorder recital from yesterday! Here it is. He did a fine job.

Cutie patootie, Malan

Nathans team lost tonight. 6-4. Baseball season is officially over. They played a great season. On the lighter side, here is Mae having fun at home.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baseball, baseball, baseball...oh and that other stuff

Monday night, we would have had two playoff games. Nathans Majors team and Myron and Brennans AAA team. The weather was so windy that we had trees falling at our house. The Majors playoffs were cancelled, but the AAA coaches decided we would still play. Bad call! After being number 1 all season, we lost 14-5. We were all in tears. Last night, Nathans team (the underdogs all season) played the mighty Pirates (second in league) and won! That's right! We won. It was an amazing game and so intense. We were up only one point in the final inning and the Pirates were up to bat. We needed to get that final out and we would be the winners and move on to more playoffs. Wesley Houser was pitcher and the infamous Tino (huge kid, amazing batter for the Pirates) was next up to bat. The crowd was quiet, we were all holding our breath.
Then there it was, not a strike out, but a hit and a catch and we are now off to playoffs again tonight. Woohoo........see video!

Here is Rylan at the game with a pinwheel. Too cute! Yes, he has a shiner. He figured out the other night that it just isn't smart to jump from one bed to another. Especially, when your brothers metal bat is on the bed you're jumping to!

Today was Brennans recorder recital. He called me at 9:30am to tell me to be there at 10:10! Love the short notice. I told him I didn't think I could make it because Shane had the car, so he was very suprised when we both showed up! He was so sweet and kept looking over at us during his performance. Rylan and Malan decided to crawl around and play tag instead.