Monday, February 23, 2015

Bellingham Visit!

Every year, Josh and I take turns on Valentines Day. This was my year. A bit belated, but, we took our new van on its first trip, to Bellingham to see my siblings and to look at houses.
Mae and Rylan had school so they had to stay, and the big boys werent too keen on coming on a romantic mini vacation.....Bellingham is one of my favorite places to visit but, as far as moving there, we just didnt feel the sense of community that we are looking for....
Rocket Doughnuts is one of our favorites....
We stayed at the brand new La Quinta Suites and had a suite to ourselves. I was very impressed with the customer service, full breakfast, and amazing pool/spa. Oh yeah, we brought Kellen.

 My brothers, sisters and niece and nephew came to join in the fun.
 My brother Eric and niece and nephew.

 I HAD to stop at Hendersen books. Its my favorite book store. Each time I go, I buy vintage Raggedy Ann books. Two this time that I didnt have already!

We took a scenic drive down Chuckanut Bay Drive.

 Above, my sister in law and little sister. Below, my little brother Greg, and Kells
 I babysat for an hour while my sister in law went to the Dr. Alice screamed the ENTIRE time.

 Another new favorite....a delicious hamburger joint right next to Mallards Ice cream. ELK burgers!
 and the reason for the trip...........ROSE ice cream. Yum

My sweetheart

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Brooke said...

Our travel needs are identical - (1) great local food, (2) great local bookstore, (3) a place to swim! Looks like a fabulous get-away!